Hey guys! Here is my favorite page. ;) I am asked often (and when I say often, I mean A LOT OFTEN haha) to do more tutorials. Well, I'd love to girls but I'm just a college student! I don't always have time to make one every week. :/ But I've linked ALL of my tutorials that are available here! :D Hehe.. I'm quite proud of all these tutorials and hope you enjoy them too. 

Just click on the picture to see the full blog post which will include the colors and tools I used along with the written out instructions. :) If you have any questions still, let me know! Thanks for viewing! (*Note: Some tutorials I have redone and some have yet to be redone. We all get better at some point and want to prove it. xD So, I'm sorry for the difference in tutorials!) 

First, let's just show off my favorite pictorials! :) <3 (Click the picture for the written out instructions and the polishes/tools I used!)

Perfect for Valentine's Day

Panda Bear Nail Art Tutorial by Polish Pals

Black & White Triangle Nail Art Tutorial by Polish Pals

Striping Tape Nail Art Tutorial by Polish Pals

Bordered Fishtail Nail Art Tutorial by Polish Pals








Complete Tutorial -- Meaning it is step-by-step and no pictorial/the pictorial is old and embarrassing to look at hehe.. But do check the ones with an a * by it because those are my "pride and joy" tutorials that I'm quite proud of haha. ;)
HA! I do have a lot more tutorials then you thought, huh? ;) But of course, I love just practicing nail art without having the pressure of making more tutorials... Especially when things are really difficult (e.g. Parrots -- How to I make an easy tutorial out of that??). My entire mission is to help the beginner nail artists and parrots (or anything really out of the box) are just too hard! (I can't even do that! Let alone make a tutorial for it....) So just keep that in mind when requesting tutorials :) Nail art is really fun and it's basically just painting on your nails (one of the smallest canvases in the world ;)) and honestly just takes practice. Anyway, I hope you enjoy these simple tutorials I do have for you all and I hope to keep this page updated haha! 

Your Polish Pal, Jenna


  1. OMG, I am not worthy! How in heaven's name do you do it? I saw a post on Bellashoot of your mani that's deep blue with white polka dots. How do you get the polka dots to be so evenly spaced and all the size size?? Which tool did you use for that? I'm in awe.

    1. Lol what the heck is Bellashoot? XD I looked it up -- is it like tumblr? But anyway! Lol! I made those polka dots with a mechanical pencil dipped in nail polish! That's it! :D (Like I'd have the lead out and just dip it into polish.. ;)) It's really that easy!