Thursday, January 31, 2013

Faces in Cool Places

That's right. Faces in some pretty cool places. ;) (aka my nails hahaha). My mom actually has been giving me a lot of recommendations on what to put on my nails. xD Silly, I know, but a lot of her ideas are actually pretty cute. ;) She told me one day that she'd like to see text faces on my nails. Lol.. what? Texting faces? Yup, those smiley faces that you make while you text (or blog). So, that's what I have for you today! Take a look at these super adorable nails. :)
Hahaha see?! They're literally texting faces on my nails! Gee Mom, you come up with some great ideas I do have to say... And take a look at my awesome (yet lame) phone. ;) It's just a Pantech Pursuit II but I love the keyboard and the colors, green and black, so it works. :) Anyway! Back to the nails. Continue reading for more pictures! :)

Sunday, January 27, 2013

I Love Moo!

Hehe.. I love moo! Oh how cheesy but perfect for this upcoming holiday. ;) And what animal says "moo"? That's right, a cow! So today I have for you this cow manicure I made. I've wanted to do cow spots for FOREVER, especially since my last Giraffe Nails (a month ago today actually when I was wigging out and couldn't decide whether to do black or white backgrounds haha.. I think you've probably figured out that I decided on black ;)). I even have for you a tutorial on how to make yourself a little cow on your nail, so keep reading! :)
I'm sorry I couldn't find the exact source from where I got the inspiration for doing the "Moo" on my thumb.. I saw it on Pinterest but because it didn't have a watermark (or link to original artist), it's safer just to not credit anyone for the inspiration. :/ Sorry original maker! I tried to google it too but it just was stolen so much that I couldn't find you.. :O Anyway. Keep reading for a cow nail art tutorial lol!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Sending Some Love!

Moohahaha.. weekend here I come! Boy, life is getting busy! Oh well, only like 5 more weeks until Spring Break and end of college quarter NUMBER TWO! Yahoo! ;) Summer.. June 27th, can you be any further away? Hmm... something much close though is Valentine's Day! <3 I may not have that "special someone" on February 14th, but I certainly can get in the "festive mood" with some pink hearts! ;) So go ahead and take a look at one of my Valentine's Day themed nail art!
I was inspired by Lucy Ridley whose blog is :) Click HERE to see the original manicure that Lucy created! It is beautiful! I wish I had longer nails to make them look more like hers, but I'm still really happy with these. :) Continue reading just to see a few more pictures of these. ;)

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Rainbow Butterfly Nails! (& mini tutorial)

Ahhhhhhhh, girls.. This is one of my ultimate, all time favorite manicures! Take a look below at my rainbow butterfly wing nails! I started off with a rainbow gradient and then added the design on top. :) I do have an updated butterfly wing tutorial if you'd like to learn how to do this design yourself! So take a look below and gawk at these beauties! 
Hehe I love these so much!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ninja Nails! Hi-Ya! (& Tutorial)

Hello lovelies! :D Today I have for you some legit NINJA NAILS! That's right. Read it again. Ninja. Nail. Art. ;) Best thing is... I also have a mini tutorial for these lil' guys! So take a look below to see if you love these fellas (why wouldn't you love ninja nail art though...? Are you insane or something??? JUST KIDDING. ;) But seriously, take a look at these cuties!!)
Ninja, ninja, ninja nails! <3

Friday, January 11, 2013

Basketball Nails Tutorial

Ahhhh... The life of a in school! I didn't realize how much reading I would have required for this quarter! It is INSANE. But I felt so bad about being a bad blogger, so I am going to start making "mini tutorials". :) That's right, they're just going to be super short ones. :) Instead of making a "full" tutorial with pictures of how all my nails looked step by step or the entire process, I'll just show one nail, like the thumb for example. Hopefully this will allow me to post more often! :) It'll definitely be a lot easier for me and hopefully a bit more beneficial for you! :D So, go ahead and take a look at my basketball nails and continue to read on if you're interested in learning how to make them. :)
Basketball Nails

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Saran Wrap Mani Tutorial

And yes, I am alive! Haha, you can tell that school has officially started again and oh boy... 18 credits = hectic schedule! Haha, I didn't know there was so much reading involved! Well, that's okay because I enjoy being busy. :) So thank you for joining me today for a Saran Wrap Mani Tutorial! I am going to warn you, this is a LONG post. But it's mainly going to be a lot of pictures and explanations. :) (I currently do not have a YouTube channel for videos and I'm so sorry about that! I just currently don't have the time and equipment for quality videos. :/ But hopefully this EXTREME pictorial will make up for it all. :)) So take a look below at my saran wrap nails and let's see if you like them enough to try them yourself. ;) 
These are saran wrap nails. :) They're not really a design, but more of a technique that you do in order to get a different colored background. I think it almost looks like granite or some type of rock on it's own, but it makes a great background for other nail art too!! Don't worry, it is SO easy to do and I think it looks pretty cute. ;) So press "read more" for the tutorial if you're interested!