Friday, January 25, 2013

Sending Some Love!

Moohahaha.. weekend here I come! Boy, life is getting busy! Oh well, only like 5 more weeks until Spring Break and end of college quarter NUMBER TWO! Yahoo! ;) Summer.. June 27th, can you be any further away? Hmm... something much close though is Valentine's Day! <3 I may not have that "special someone" on February 14th, but I certainly can get in the "festive mood" with some pink hearts! ;) So go ahead and take a look at one of my Valentine's Day themed nail art!
I was inspired by Lucy Ridley whose blog is :) Click HERE to see the original manicure that Lucy created! It is beautiful! I wish I had longer nails to make them look more like hers, but I'm still really happy with these. :) Continue reading just to see a few more pictures of these. ;)

Hehe I'm still loving this white watermark! I HAVE to but the crazy Polish Pals ones though between my fingers because of those thieves that like to crop AND blur out watermarks (people be crazy!). Just LEAVE my name there and say credit to and/or @PolishPals on Instagram. :p Is it really that hard?! Sorry about the vent; it's just some girls think they don't have to credit since it's on the Internet... Guess plagiarism "doesn't apply to pictures". (Haha NOT).
These are so perfect for Valentine's Day though! I'm sending you all some love ;)
Hehe do you notice the hearts are connecting?
Of course my thumb is my favorite one!
Eep! And before I forget to mention, I just used Wet n Wild French White Creme and pink acrylic paint and my brush to make the hearts. Then of course black for the envelope! :) (I HATE the Wet n Wild white polish. DO NOT BUY IT. Save your $1 to buy Snow Me White by Sinful Colors! It's so much better! But I was desperate and needed white at the time.. :/ Pooh. Never happening again. This white takes THREE coats (and it's so thin.. takes too much time to apply haha) while Sinful Colors only takes like 1 (if you're good) to 2 coats. :)
Last photo! I swear. ;) I am so proud of these though! So simple but adorable!
Thanks ladies for checking out my Valentine's Day mani #1! Ready for take 2? ;) Until next time, Your Polish Pal, Jenna :)

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