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Hello Fellow Nail Polish Addicts!

If you ever need to contact me, feel free to send me an email at yaypolishparty(@)gmail(.)com.

As for my copyright, the 'rules' are pretty simple. These are ALL my photos (unless specifically said otherwise). You may repost/share my pictures but you MUST credit my photo back to me. Simply saying "Credit on photo" or thinking that a leaving my watermark on the photo is NOT sufficient. You must have my blog name in the caption. It's not that hard, please just say "Credit to" OR "Credit to @PolishPals" (on Instagram). Another thing I'd really appreciate is you leaving the photo the way it is -- meaning please don't use filters or crop out my watermarks.

For Businesses/Companies:
I do accept products to review but I am 100% honest with all my reviews. Of course I'm not going to "bash your product" but I don't want to lie to my readers. I just need to let you know that! Here are my current stats:
If you need to know any more information, please email me!

Your Polish Pal,


  1. What do you use to? and how do you? watermark your Photos?

    I have looked up aways online and either I can't get it to work or I have no clue what they have told me to do. At the moment I'm just useing paint to put my mark on them but people keep telling me that other people can remove that and steal my photos and i don't want that to happen! I'd rather not have to download or install anything if I don't have to.
    So I'd really like it if you could tell me how you watermark your photos!

    1. Hey girls! I currently am using Photoshop to watermark my photos and adding a watermark just means adding text to the pictures. (Haha.. do you notice all the "PolishPals" on all my photos? ;))

      If you're interested in adding your own watermark, then I'm afraid you will HAVE to download some type of software. Right now I'm using Photoshop (Elements and CS2) but there are several apps that you can download right onto your phone or iPod! For instance, I also use "Phonto" which is a GREAT app! Totally recommend it because it's free and works perfectly.

      Yeah, people often crop out my watermarks or try to cover them or even blur them out. :p That's why I make my "PolishPals" on my photos super obvious and all over. xD Better to be safe than sorry! ;) But anyway! Yes, you HAVE to download a program that you can add text to photos with but if you have a smart phone or iPod Touch, that should be very simple. If you're just using your computer, I'd recommend downloading GIMP or Adobe Photoshop CS2 which both are free to download and work quite well. :) I hope this helps out a little bit! If you still have questions, let me know!

  2. Hi again! We have another question! How did you add the Follow Me! Buttons for Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram? We were able to add a instagram one but not were we want it... and when we try to add others with it, it cuts them off only showing halt of the button... We don't really understand how the Edit HTML thing works?...

    1. Hey guys! Sorry I didn't see this question earlier :p I was on vacation! To add the little "Follow Me" buttons, I used They have some tutorials on how to add them and it's super simple!

      About the HTML thing.. It's really hard to explain and I'm afraid that I'm just going to confuse you more so I won't even try. >.< Just try the addthis website and see if it works. You can also YouTube like "How to add follow me icons with AddThis" too. If it's STILL not working, I could possibly just do it for you.. (Yeah, meaning just let me sign into your blog real quick and do it for you but we can talk about that in private). So feel free to email me at yaypolishparty(@)gmail(.)com if you'd like anymore help! :)

  3. I do not see an about page, telling me who you are and what you are about... AND your site is not secure so I won't be coming back until you fix that!!!