Sunday, September 29, 2013

It's My Party!

"It's my party, I can cry if I want to, cry if I want, cry is I want. You would cry too if it happened to you!" ~ Lesley Gore
Guess what day it is??! GUESS WHAT DAY IT IS!! Huh, huh? Yup. That's right. It's my biiiiiiirthday! :D And I would love to cry because I just spent 5 hours doing chemistry and French homework. But that's okay because I did get to do my nails to celebrate today. ;)
This is the first time I tried out cupcake nails and I was inspired by Hannah. I think they turned out sooooo freaking cute!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

S is for Smiley Face

Smile and be happy! <3 Yes, yes, yes! I freaking love smiley faces. (In fact... it was the first design I ever did on my nails way back in the days. xD) So, I decided it was about time to recreate them for S nails for the ABC Nail Art Challenge. I give you S is for smiley face nails. ;)

Friday, September 27, 2013

FAQ: Nail Art Brushes

Hey guys! I finally have time to create a FAQ post about nail art brushes! I was asked to create a tutorial on how to use nail art brushes from and thought I should just go all the way and explain everything you'll need to know about brushes for some nail art. ;) Let's get started guys!
Brushes from KKCenterHK

Thursday, September 26, 2013

R is for Rose

Meeeerp. And look who finally has time for blogging? Man! Although I haven't had any tests, I have so much homework that I can't even take an hour to upload my photos and edit them so that I can blog about them. :( But hey! I'm finally here guys. :) And lookie what I got for my "R" nails for the Alphabet Nail Challenge -- R is for Rose Nails <3 By the way.. I think these would be perfect for a Valentine's Day mani!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Q is for Quilt

And the tests are done. <3 Okay. That's a lie. I actually have one more on Monday which I shall continue studying for as soon as I finish uploading my Q nails! ;D And man, midterms are so stressful. :p You have ALL your tests in the same week. :/ And this happens every month?!?! Yikes! I'm proud to say though that I did really well on the 4 I already finished. Wish me luck on Monday! :)
So here I have my Q nails for the ABC Nail Art Challenge. :) As you can see, I decided to go with the classic quilt nails because I am so out of practice and this is all I can do for nail art. >.< AND OMG YES. I GOT A NEW WATERMARK LOGO! All the thanks goes to Sandra at @beefette on Instagram!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Simple Stripes

Waaaaaahooo! Polish Pals got a makeover. ;) This last week I've been making some slight changes to my website and I'm proud to announce that I officially have a "Search It Bar" on the right hand side of the screen (when your viewing on a desktop) and a new Polish Pals banner! :D Isn't it sooooo cute?!?! A HUGE thanks to Sandra aka @beefette on Instagram for designing the perfect logo. ;D I love it a loooot. She developed like 20+ designs until we came up with this one. ;) We're in the process of making a new watermark too so stay tuned to all the changes happening here. ;)
Anyway! Let's get back to nails. I FINALLY had the chance to do some easy-peasy yet pretty nail art. :) It's midterm week guy so you might not see me post until this weekend...  :/ Boo.. But this is what I have on my nails at the moment. :) 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Wham! Pow! by Color Club

Whaaaam! Poowwww! :D

Why hello there pretty orange. ;) I am indeed in love with you! Everyone, say hello to Wham! Pow! by Color Club. I was getting ready to start fall but this neon orange polish was just calling my name. <3 How could a resist a good neon? ;)
Color Club Wham! Pow!

Monday, September 9, 2013

P is for Paint Drip

P is for Paint Drip.
Mooohahahaha! It's the sliiiiiiime! ;) Hey guys! I'm proud to show you all my first successful paint drip mani. This whole drip nail thing was a big fad in 2012 but I finally took the time to try it for myself and I'm looooving the results. :)

Sunday, September 8, 2013

15 Brush Set Review {From}

Hey everyone! I decided that Swatch Sunday will probably be put on hold for a while -- I liked the whole Swatch Sunday idea when I didn't have anything to post during the summer but since I'm so busy at the moment, the only time I have to post is on the weekends so I don't want to waste all my days just posting swatches. xD Anyway! Let's get on with today's post!
Today I have for you some more awesome products from to review, specifically one of their brush sets. So here is a quick photo of what all 15 brushes look like! Keep reading to find out my 100% honest thoughts on these brushes along with a quick pic on how they look when you use them.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

O is for Orange

O is for Orange Nails.
That's right. ;) I'm FINALLY continuing my ABC Nail Art Challenge! I am so sorry for the long break but school has been crazy and my inspiration has been low. :( I have found my inspiration for O nails though! And as you can probably guess, they are orange but they're not your typical "orange nails". xD
And taaa-daaah! I wasn't kidding! They are orange nails! Of course I have to credit my inspiration to this adorable little pumpkin charm that one of my friends', Grace, made me! Check out her website for more cute creations or her Instagram @tiny_works_of_art :)

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Strapless by Pure Ice

It's time for Sunday Swatch again! Yikes, time flies so fast when you're busy... I haven't actually had time to swatch polishes and to be honest, I think I'll keep my neon chevron design on from yesterday on for the entire week because I'm in looooove. ;) So I have for you today this super gorgeous blue glitter polish by Pure Ice called Strapless that yes, I swatched a couple weeks ago. ;)