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15 Brush Set Review {From}

Hey everyone! I decided that Swatch Sunday will probably be put on hold for a while -- I liked the whole Swatch Sunday idea when I didn't have anything to post during the summer but since I'm so busy at the moment, the only time I have to post is on the weekends so I don't want to waste all my days just posting swatches. xD Anyway! Let's get on with today's post!
Today I have for you some more awesome products from to review, specifically one of their brush sets. So here is a quick photo of what all 15 brushes look like! Keep reading to find out my 100% honest thoughts on these brushes along with a quick pic on how they look when you use them.

 So first of all, these brushes are item number: JR1130 from and you can find the direct link to these brushes here:
In this brush set, you will receive 15 brushes made of synthetic fiber. As you can see, I categorized the brushes into their uses: fan brushes, wide/angled brushes, striper brushes, misc items, and detail brushes. As you can see, you don't get15 different types of brushes but what more could you ask for in this array? You have a little bit of everything and all though some brushes are similar, I can guarantee that there are no duplicates!  
Here is a close up of the fan brushes (2 brushes) and wide/angled brushes (6 brushes). You can use the fan brushes to make fan-brushed stripe nails like this or just to get a pretty striped textured look. The wide/angled brushes are mainly used for one-stroke flowers or clean up! (Like dip the brush into acetone and clean up your cuticles). I probably won't be using a lot of these though..
And another closeup: You will get 2 striper brushes, 3 miscellaneous items, and 2 detailed brushes. The striper brushes are soooo useful! I use these all the time when I want to make PERFECT lines like in this mani. Next in the misc items, there are a couple of random brushes and a dotting tool... I didn't really know how to categorize these but there ya go! The dotting tool is super small by the way. And finally, you get a couple detailing brushes which can change the way you do nail art <3 I use these all the time now. Seriously, I use detail brushes in basically EVERY mani.
So this is what some of these brushes look like! I love, love, love the striper brush and detail brush for sure! As for my review of these brushes from, they are what they're supposed to be -- unfortunately I admit they are slightly expensive, at $15 a pack. So that amounts to basically $1 per brush. It's still cheaper than if you bought these brushes separately at a craft store like Michaels but the quality is mediocre. I always promise to give my honest opinion so I don't suggest buying these exact brushes because of the expense but you should still check out KKCenterHK's other products because I adore their nail foils!!! Of course they also have many other beauty products like fake eyelashes and other fun nail art decorations. :)
Here is a sneak peek of what my nails are currently. ;) I used one of the detail brushes for this mani. I'll post much better photos of this mani later. ;) Oh! And to clean these brushes, I just use nail polish thinner that I bought from Sally's Beauty Supply.
So thank you for sending me your NNAIL brushes to review! And to all my readers, if you want to purchase ANY of KKCenterHK's products, be sure to use the code 'justforpolishpals' for 12% off your entire order!
Your Polish Pal,
*I was provided the product(s) to review. I was not paid to give this review. This is my honest opinion based on my personal experience with the product(s).

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