Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Shine and Sheen Nail Art Kit Review

It's time to get styling my friends with these new nail art kits by Shine and Sheen! I am so excited to show you everything that these nail art kits have -- I was blown away by what was packed into this super chic box. :) I picked the Mad for Mod kit but of course there are other styles! Whether you're 8 or 28, this kit is seriously perfect to start any new nail artist out. Please keep reading to find out what's inside this box. You will not be disappointed. ;) 

Shine and Sheen Nail Art Kit Review
Mad for Mod Nail Art Kit by Shine and Sheen

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Inspired by Sumaiya Khan's Painting

It is nail art time my friends! ;) I know that I have been doing a lot of reviews lately so I wanted to take a break and do some challenging nail art. Yeah, this meant no “simple” dotticure or geometric mani. Instead, I was inspired by a gorgeous painting that Sumaiya Khan @sum_khan did. :)

Inspired by a Painting Nails

Friday, June 20, 2014

X Marks the Spot (+ tutorial)

 The most important skill to have when doing doing tape manicure is patience. There is a reason why you rarely see your Polish Pal doing tape manicures -- striping tape is insane. However, there has been a very popular criss-cross nail art design floating around that I just had to try. Sadly it does require striping tape for those perfectly crisp lines so that's why they make perfect accent nails. ;) Keep reading for my striping tape tutorial too!

Striping Tape Mani Tutorial

Thursday, June 19, 2014

SCRATCH Nail Wrap Review

 As a nail artist, there are definite times where I feel so uninspired or can’t seem to paint anything good. Luckily I haven’t had to feel like this because I’ve been exploring easy ways to make nail art fun and super easy lately. ;) First it was vintage nail decals but now I have some bold nail wraps to share today. I love sharing products that make nail art easy, fast, and cheap! So let’s take a look at these super pretty nail wraps by Scratch. :)

Scratch Nail Wrap Review
Nail Wraps by Scratch

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

What A Jolie Fishtail! (+ tutorial)

Whooohoo! I am finally have the rest of the Taste the Crellies Collection by Jolie Polish for you today which I used in my bordered fishtail nails. :) This is going to be a long post but definitely keep reading to see 3 pretty pastel polishes and a tutorial on how I did my fishtail nails! Let's get started. ;)

Bordered Pastel Fishtail Nail Art Tutorial
Bordered Pastel Fishtail Nails

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

La Vita è Bella 1986 Nail Decal Review

Oh my goodness, are you guys obsessed with vintage as much as I am?! If vintage is your style, then you're in a treat today because I have some pretty sweet nail decals from La Vita è Bella that were sent for me to review today. :) So keep reading if you're interested in checking out these water decals! I love how spiffy their packaging envelope is. :) 

La Vita è Bella 1986 Nail Decal Review
La Vita è Bella 1986 Water Decals

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Okay? Okay.

"Maybe 'okay' will be ours always." 
- The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

It's official you guys -- I have cried with one of my best girl friends in a movie theater for the first time and you can probably guess what we watched. </3 After several requests on Instagram and also having my friend make me go to this movie with her, I decided it was time to do The Fault in Our Stars (FIOS) inspired nails. Don't worry you guys, I won't be spoiling anything in this post so feel free to keep reading!

The Fault in Our Stars Inspired Nails

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

What A Jolie Gradient!

Bonjour mes amies! ;) Today I have the pleasure of showing my jolie gradient -- aka my pretty gradient for those who didn't take French in school. xD (No judgement here! I only took 2 years of high school French + a 203 college course which I about died it... >.< The professor knew I was terrible at speaking but luckily the majority of the class was based on the writing so I somehow came out with an A ;)) Hehe enough about the past, let's keep reading to see this sunset gradient I did using all Jolie Polishes

Sunset Gradient Nails
Sunset Gradient Nails

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

C is for Cookie! And It's Good Enough For Me!

"Oh Cookie, Cookie, Cookie starts with C!" says one of our favorite monsters ever. :) When I was younger, I loved watching Sesame Street on PBS -- I have to admit though that Elmo's World was my favorite part. ;)

With all this Jolie Polish swatching, I needed to take a break and so some nail art so I begged friends on Instagram to do a nail collab with me. xD Luckily, Jennifer from LacqueredMama stepped up and we settled on a #maniswap! ;)

Cookie Monster Nails
Cookie Monster Nails

Monday, June 9, 2014

Orange You With The Band? by Jolie Polish

Love me some jelly polish! <3 Orange is one of my favorite colors so this new addition to Taste the Crellies Collection by Jolie Polish makes me extremely happy. :) Take a look at this beauty called Orange You With the Band?! This polish is definitely more of a jelly than a crelly but I love it all the same.

Please keep reading to see what nail art I created for this summery orange! ;) 

Orange You With the Band by Jolie Polish
Orange You With the Band? by Jolie Polish

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Blue Crelly by Jolie Polish

Time to continue my crelly polish swatches by Jolie Polish. :) Today I have for you Blue Crelly -- the name may be simple but the color is still lovely. Keep reading to see what nail art I have for this blue polish. :)

Blue Crelly by Jolie Polish

Friday, June 6, 2014

Yellow, Is It Me You Lookin' For? by Jolie Polish?

Why hello there my friendly yellow! I was sent the Taste the Crelly collection from Jolie Polish a couple of weeks ago but haven't gotten to actually posting my swatches until today. >.< I decided to highlight each polish with its own post just because I want to do more than just swatches with these awesome crellies -- I just have to add nail art. :) 

So today I have for you Yellow, Is It Me You Lookin' For? plus some nail art :)
Yellow, Is It Me You Lookin' For? by Jolie Polish
Yellow, Is It Me You Lookin' For? by Jolie Polish

Monday, June 2, 2014

Happy Graduation Nails!

Hello my friends! :D I am happy to announce that I am officially a high school graduate as of yesterday. ;) Nah, this whole graduating high school thing isn't that big of a deal. Heck, I've been buying stuff for my dorm for over a month now! But still, it's been a pretty good week nevertheless. :) I decided to celebrate this fortune by doing actual nail art. ;) So take a look below at my mysterious tree nails. <3