Here are some of my most frequently asked questions!

What is your favorite basecoat?
My #1 is OPI Nail Envy but I also use Orly Nail Defense. I use Yellow Stopper if I’m swatching glitter polishes just so that the glitter is easy to peel off afterwards.
What’s your favorite topcoat?
Seche Vite, hands down. I know it's a love/hate relationship but this is the only topcoat that I've bought more than 4 times... hehe..
What do you use to watermark your photos?
Photoshop CS2 – Check this tutorial here for a great explanation if you’re confused.
What type of camera are you using?
I use a Canon EOS 400D Rebel XTi DSLR

Where do you get your nail polish?
What a silly question! I get it EVERYWHERE. *cue evil laughter* I buy it from places like Walmart, Rite Aid, Beauty Supply Stores (e.g. Sally's). Other times I buy stuff online or have things sent to me from small businesses to review. :)

What type of tools would you recommend to beginners?
Before you actually get into INTO nail art and polish sorts, all you really need is a mechanical pencil. People say "Oh get your toothpick ready!" but I say boo to the toothpick. You should use something that already feels comfortable in your hand like a mechanical pencil or a wooden pencil. I started off by using the mechanical pencil for my dotting tool (boo to dotting tools too! They're secretly stupid!) and makeshift "brush". How did I use my pencil? Well, I'd place a drop of nail polish onto a scrap piece of paper and then dip my pencil into the polish and literally draw whatever design I wanted onto my nail. Unlike dotting tools, mechanical pencils you don't have to clean off when done. Instead, I just break off the lead. ;) If you want your dots or want to fill in something, then I'd use a regular pencil. And when you're done with the pencil, just sharpen the end to have a nice, clean edge again. :) That's the only tool you really need when you're a true nail art beginner.

Okay then, what do YOU use for your nail designs?!?
Sheesh! Nothing too fancy guys! I just buy really small brushes off of eBay and then trim them down. YouTube "how to trim brushes down" and you'll learn how to make any brush super tiny and suitable for nail art. I also like using acrylic paint that I buy at Walmart, it's 59 cents a bottle. I've had these bottles for a year and I usually only use white and black. ;) That's it guys!

What's the best way to clean your nail art brushes?
The great thing with acrylic paint is that you just clean the brush off with water! But there are always a TON of complaints about using brushes and trying to use nail polish and then ruining the brush. Have no fear though guys! There IS a way to clean nail polish off of your nail art brushes so that you do NOT ruin them and waste so much money buying more brushes. It's called nail polish thinner. I kid you not, clean your brushes with nail polish thinner. I like to just dump some thinner on a cotton ball and then wipe my brushes clean. It's that easy. I buy thinner at Sally's Beauty Supply for about $4 for a nice big container!

How do you get your polish to not be so thick?
Mooohaha, nail polish thinner to the rescue! And yes, it's literally doing the job that it was intended to do. ;) Do NOT EVER put acetone into your nail polish. >.< Ugh... So many people do it but it's just not supposed to be that way! ALWAYS use nail polish thinner! Just a few drops and viola! Problem is solved. :) Once again, I buy mine from Sally's. In fact, click here to see the exact product. You all need this at some point. It will save you a lot of money in the long run!!

Can you make a tutorial on 'that'?
I know I get this question a LOT. Here's the deal; I can try to make a nail art tutorial on 'that' but if it's something too specific like "Flying Unicorns", then you're most likely not going to get anything. xD I can barely do those intricate designs myself so don't go asking me to teach you! Yikes! But if you know of a simple-ish design that you'd like to see a tutorial on (e.g. floral nails, animal nails, etc.), go ahead and ask me! :) I'll try my best!

Do you have a YouTube account?
Yes, I do but I don't have time to post unfortunately nor the equipment to make good quality videos... I am saving my account though for when I do have the time/camera/tripod. ;)

Are you into any other makeup things other than nail polish?
Nope. In fact, I rarely wear makeup. I'm young. I can pull off the "Makeup Free" look quite well. ;)

Please feel free to email me at yaypolishparty(@)gmail(.)com if you have any other questions or concerns! Yes. This page probably will be edited many times so keep on asking me questions, please! Thanks guys!

Your Polish Pal,

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