Friday, February 28, 2014

Love Is War by First Loved Designs

Hey everyone! Today I have a quick swatch of Love Is War by First Loved Designs. :) This is a new polish from Lisa's collection that will be released in March. I have one other polish from this spring collection but both of these polishes are so pretty that they deserve their own post. ;) (Plus I didn't have enough time to swatch the other polish so it all works out haha!) Keep reading for more pictures.
Love Is War by First Loved Designs

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Nailed Kit Decals Review (+ Tutorial)

Hey everyone! I am on a roll with blogging this week, eh? ;) Today I have for you decals by Nailed Kit. This is my first experience with water decals, so I decided I would make a tutorial on how to apply these nail art decals (specifically from Nailed Kit). :) This will be a lengthy post because of the tutorial (some people that have never tried water decals might want to learn how) but the review of this product will be at the very end of the post. ;) So keep reading for my final thoughts!
Nail Decals Provided By Nailed Kit
 And before we go any further, just take a look at this adorable packaging! <3 Okay, it was all wrapped up in white tissue paper before to make it even cuter but I simply love this little bow to tie the package all up. ;D

Monday, February 24, 2014

Leopard Rose Nails (+ Tutorial)

 If you really like floral nails, then you're in luck! I have been having an obsession with floral manicures lately so let's continue this fad with my fun classic leopard print nails with hot pink roses. :) This design in particular was inspired by Jan @_nail_bliss_ on Instagram. A friend and I decided that it was time to recreate this oober girly nail design as a #bestietwinnails collab! So, keep reading you guys if you want to see who I partnered up with for this week's collab and a tutorial for this leopard rose nail art design. ;)

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Zebra Mix n' Match

Hey girls! :D I am on a role this week. ;) Today's post is over at Q's blog Squeaky Nails. (Isn't that just one of the cutest blog names ever?! I love it!) You're going to find a fun mix and match zebra mani with star studs that I bought from I recently got asked to become one of their reviewers and finally received my own 10% off discount code which is JZX31. :) Anyway, if you want to learn more about this mani, go check out Q's post here!

I even did both of my hands with this fun mix and match mani! All my friends at school were shocked. ;) I literally was like "SEEEEEEE! I can do both hands if I choose to!". My excuse for not doing nail art on both hands is always because "I'm a blogger...". People really don't understand what that means but it's okay haha. Sadly, I didn't not take any good photos of both hands. :( I'll make sure to do it next time!
Your Polish Pal,

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Time For Red Floral

Eeep, you can tell that I am so ready for spring! Floral nails have been popping up all over the place and it's time for me to actually practice my flowers. :) Today's red floral designs was inspired by Brii @brii20owens on Instagram. Keep reading to view more pictures and find out the polishes I used!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Plum Polka Dots

Hey everyone! For today's blog post, I'm actually over at Kelsie's Nail Files as a guest poster. :) I'll just post a photo of my plum polka dot nails (plus bow charm!) because I think they turned out fabulous. :)
Isn't this little makeup bag oober cute too?! I see myself using the pattern as a future dotticure. ;) Now what are you guys doing? You better be checking out my blog post on Kelsie's blog which you can find here. :) {You'll be able to find more photos and the products that I used there}
Thanks again Kelsie for asking me to do a guest blog post for you! It was such an honor; you have been one of my earliest inspirations. <3
Your Polish Pal,

Monday, February 17, 2014

I 'Lime' Tribal

Yippee for green nail polish! <3 As a blogger, holidays can be really stressful because people are always asking for 'holiday themed' posts! But once the holiday is over *cough cough.. we just had Valentine's Day cough*, you feel free again! ;) I'm tired of using girly pinks so you may notice that I am on a green binge --  I hardly ever get to use my green nail polishes so it's time to pull them out. :) (And as I'm writing this, I literally just realized that St.Patrick's Day is coming up... shoot. I thought I was being original..)
If you're loving my green tribal nails, keep reading to view more photos! ;D And take a small note of that sad thumb nail; you aren't going to see it again. I didn't like how it turned out and was too lazy to redo it hahaha!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Your Typical Mint Mani

It's time to go cliché guys! ;D Today I have for you that classic mint mani with roses. ;) I actually used all nail polish for this design aside from the white stripes and polka dots! I am so proud of myself. x) I hardly ever use actual nail polish for my designs but I didn't have the right acrylic paint colors so I was like, oh what the heck! I'll just use polish. :) Keep reading to view more pictures of my mint mani and to figure out what polishes I used!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy Belated Valetine's Day!

Happy Belated Valentine's Day lovelies! :D
Oh bother... I know you often get a 'Happy Belated Birthday' or perhaps even a 'Happy Belated Anniversary' but does 'Belated Valentine's Day' even exist...? Haha, well it does now. :)
I literally just threw together a quick Valentine's Day manicure yesterday that I was planning on posting during the afternoon but it obviously didn't happen. :/ Oh well! While everyone is switching to green nail designs for St. Patrick's Day, I'll be that one blogger that is still stuck on pink and red nails. xD So take a look at my quickie (and last!) Valentine's Day nails for 2014. :)

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Heart Collection by Jolie Polish

Hey everyone! I am going to warn you... today's post is super lengthy but it's only long because I have so many awesome crelly polishes to show you all from one of my favorite indie makers. :) Say hello to the Heart Collection by Jolie Polish. You can take a quick look to see what kind of polishes you will see in this set and please keep reading if you're interested in swatches! ;) (And ahem.... bows....)
Heart Collection by Jolie Polish
I stinking love taking 'macros' of polishes now! ;D

Monday, February 10, 2014

Evolution by Color Club

 Hurray for another Color Club polish! :D Today I have for you all yet another Color Club polish that deserved a swatch for you all. But along with this Color Club, I decided to pair it with a oober gorgeous glitter bomb by Jolie Polish that you're going to have to keep reading to view. ;)
Evolution by Color Club
Why yes, I did go out in the snow to take this bottle shot. ;) This dead plant was just calling for a pop of blue!
And here is what 2 coats of Color Club Evolution looks like on your nails. :) I did not bother to add a topcoat because I knew I was going to add glitter to it. It's not as shiny as In Theory but this formula was a bit more crème-y than In Theory (which was more jelly-like). This blue is a definite must have for any collection though! So if you're interested in checking out the new glitter bomb by Jolie Polish, keep reading. :)

Saturday, February 8, 2014

French Tips + Hearts

Hey, hey my lovely friends! I know I took a quick break from all that pink with some purple yesterday but Valentine's Day is approaching quickly and I have to continue with more girly pink stuff. ;) So today I have for you my basic take at a French Manicure with little red hearts for an accent! This is the first time I've done French Tip nails so I know I have a lot of room for improvement. xD

Friday, February 7, 2014

Just Add A Bow!

I must have a thing for purple nail polish... and bows lately. ;) I wan to just glue bow onto all of manis! And I think I will do just that because I just received a ton of cute bows from SeAnna Juicy Nails ;D I can't wait to use those but sadly I did this design in particular a few days ago so I didn't have the new bows. </3 But anyway, here is my sad attempt at purple mix and match nails (with a wonky tape accent nail... you can tell that I don't use striping tape often...) xD

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

In Theory by Color Club

Yeah... since it's February, it's time to pull out all my pink polishes and swatch them. :) I decided to show you all Color Club In Theory today just because I've actually never worn this color and Color Club is one of my favorite polish brands. ;) I have such lame reasons but this salmon-y pink color is so pretty!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Heart Throb

You make my heart throb. <3
It's time for another Valentine's Day manicure you guys! ;D Pink is one of my favorite colors. :)