Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy Belated Valetine's Day!

Happy Belated Valentine's Day lovelies! :D
Oh bother... I know you often get a 'Happy Belated Birthday' or perhaps even a 'Happy Belated Anniversary' but does 'Belated Valentine's Day' even exist...? Haha, well it does now. :)
I literally just threw together a quick Valentine's Day manicure yesterday that I was planning on posting during the afternoon but it obviously didn't happen. :/ Oh well! While everyone is switching to green nail designs for St. Patrick's Day, I'll be that one blogger that is still stuck on pink and red nails. xD So take a look at my quickie (and last!) Valentine's Day nails for 2014. :)
 Yes, whooohoo for mix and match nails! Honestly, all this mix and match designs are saving me. :) I haven't practiced good nail art in weeks so I'm a little rusty...
I used black and pink acrylic paint in this lovey-dovey design, a few nail polishes and loose glitter for that gold heart! Pretty nifty, huh? ;) The polishes are:
Color Club Endless (light pink; thumb)
Wet n Wild White Crème (white; index and ring)
Sally Hansen Mighty Mango (dark coral; middle)
OPI Dutch Tulips (red; pinky)
I didn't get a lot of good pictures because I just gave up with photographing them. xD I just got all these pictures this morning..... Yeah.... But I love my thumb shot! :D We haven't had one of these in a while. :)
Hey, hey! Now you can all tell me what you did (or didn't do) for Valentine's Day. x) What did I do? Uhhh... I ate yummy squished red velvet cupcakes that my boyfriend made bahaha. ;) I should consider myself lucky that I actually got these! He showed them in the morning when I came out of my first class but we decided to eat them when he was finished with all his classes (which isn't until 2PM). So basically all day I think about these awesome sprinkles and my first time eating red velvet cake. During his last class, I texted him about my excitement and he said that he ate both of them during lunch.... OH MAN. I was legitimately upset because I was waiting for them all day. Yeah. He was joking. I can't believe this guy!!! You can never joke about food with me. ;) Especially something with something sweet! But anyway, that's my simple Valentine's Day story. :)
Huzzzzah! Happy Belated Valentine's Day again my friends! Go forth and buy all the discounted candies. ;) And those silly teddy bears and trinkets.. It's true that Valentine's Day really is just another overly marketed holiday. Luckily, I don't take it that seriously. :) I just like pink... Hehe! Let all your family and friends know that you love them often. :)
Your Polish Pal,


  1. Very cute manicure for Valentine's Day! I actually had nothing on my nails, I was too lazy to do anything special, lol. Aww so sweet of your boyfriend for making those cupcakes too!

  2. I love the manicure! And the cupcakes look delicious! :3

  3. This is a really cute mix and match mani! The thumb and index are my favorites :) those cupcakes look yummy too!

  4. i love the skittlette nails! so many good designs, my favorite is the pinky