Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Heart Collection by Jolie Polish

Hey everyone! I am going to warn you... today's post is super lengthy but it's only long because I have so many awesome crelly polishes to show you all from one of my favorite indie makers. :) Say hello to the Heart Collection by Jolie Polish. You can take a quick look to see what kind of polishes you will see in this set and please keep reading if you're interested in swatches! ;) (And ahem.... bows....)
Heart Collection by Jolie Polish
I stinking love taking 'macros' of polishes now! ;D

Let's first start off with Immortal Love!
Immortal Love is a black crelly base filled with gold glitters and white hearts. It is very similar to Heart of Gold (swatched yesterday) but obviously the main difference is that this polish has a black base and white hearts while Heart of Gold is a completely gold glitter topper. 
  I used 5 coats of Immortal Love (no topcoat) and the only reason is because this polish is a super thin jelly. You could put it over a black polish but the whole point of a jelly is to make the polish look super squishy and unique! The formula is really thin so it works in your favor when you want to layer a ton of coats. I actually wore this polish 2 other times before taking pictures of this final swatch (hence the reason why my bottle is well used if you noticed in the collection picture xD) and I liked wearing 5 coats the best. :) You could get away with 4 but heck, I just wanted another layer of gold glitter!
Rhinestone Bow Provided by Jolie Polish
The formula is great! Yes it's thin but it's a jelly polish which means that it's good to be thin. :) There are some issues with the large white hearts though so fishing is required if you want them!
And now here is Boy Meets Girl!  
 Boy Meets Girl is your atypical blue and pink glitter polish in a grey crelly base. The formula of this crelly (like every crelly in this collection actually!) applies wonderfully. The variety of pink and blue circle glitters don't require fishing at all and the large blue hearts are a lot easier to pick up than in the jelly polish. I am wearing 3 coats, no topcoat.
Silver Bow Provided by SeAnna Juicy Nails Boutique
 Why yes, I did mention yesterday that I am expressing my new obsession with bows tehehe. ;) Nail art bows are just sooooo cute! And this metal silver bow is my absolute favorite now -- you will be seeing more of it in the future. ;) Thanks SeAnna Juicy Nails Boutique for sending such adorable bows!
Our next crelly is Love Game. :)
 Love Game is a white crelly polish filled with holographic purple and pink glitters and of course your gold hearts again. :) The heart glitters are going to need a little fishing out! But hey, this polish is absolutely gorgeous! I am wearing 3 coats and no topcoat. (I opted for no topcoat on these swatches because the jelly/crellies are just so shiny on their own!)
Gold Pearl & Rhinestone Bow Provided by SeAnna Juicy Nails Boutique
This bow is a bit odd and a little bulky for me! I wouldn't wear this in general but it's super vintage look is cute for swatching purposes. :)
Say hello to Ace of Love!  
 Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! We're getting down to my absolute favorites! ;D Okay, so Ace of Love is another white crelly polish with a variety of red glitters and black hearts. In the bottle I was a little hesitant to put this on because I didn't now how the red glitters looked in a white crelly.. but I slapped this on and it turned out to be one of my favorites! This formula is probably the best out of all of the Heart Collection too because the black hearts just grab onto the brush with no fiddling around for them. :) I am only wearing 2 coats and no topcoat.
Black Bow Purchased From The Born Pretty Store
 You have to admit, this is a suuuuper pretty polish. :) And my black bow is a great accent. ;)
And finally my friends, we have Spring Love. <3 
 Spring Love is the last crelly polish in this Heart Collection. :) The base is a very light pink crelly (almost white but with a pink tint is another way to describe it haha!) flled with light pink, dark pink, and yellow glitters. And you guessed it... plus pink hearts! :D I knew this polish was going to be one of my favorites as soon as I saw it. :) Pastel crellies always end up being my favorite.. hehe. I am wearing 3 coats with no topcoat.
Pink Bow Purchased From The Born Pretty Store
Ahhh... The last polish. :) I love this springy pink!
Whoohooo! This concludes my review for Jolie Polish's Heart Collection. :) You can check out the one glitter topper called Heart of Gold here. I am very pleased to say that I'm loving the new base formula Bory purchased. Before there were issues with it being too thick but she was forced to switch suppliers last month and as she said, it was a "blessing in disguise!" I love the new formula because it's much thinner and easier work with. Plus, the larger glitters like the hearts aren't even that hard to pull out anymore. A tip that will make it easier to grab the big glitters is just to turn the polish bottle upside down for 5 minutes before you use it. xD I hate shaking and shaking the bottle never works for me. I find that simply leaving the bottle upside down for a while will allow me to pick up all the big glitters I want when I want them. ;)
Once again, I am soooo sorry for the huge post but I did give a good warning. xD Hopefully one of these polishes find your fancy. ;) My favorite is definitely Spring Love with Ace of Love a close second. :) Which ones are your favorites?
Purchase your favorites today using code 'polishpals15' for a 15% off any purchase that is $10 or more! (Seriously, if you're interested in making your own 'crelly sandwich' using ANY glitter polish you already have, check out Jolie Polish's crelly polishes! They're super cheap and will allow you to make a jelly sandwich out of anything if you're into that look :))
Your Polish Pal,


  1. Some very pretty colors in this collection! I love that you added those huge nail decals to your swatches too, definitely something different :) My favorite is Spring Love.

    1. The 3D nail art charms are so fun! Only a few of the smaller bows stayed on all but then again I don't use the professional gel or acrylic powder to make them stay on for longer. Haha, that's what nail techs are for. :)

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  3. Wow!
    Those polishes look great on your nails, and I love the pictures ;)
    Thanks for reviewing these products,
    I'm definitely going to take a look in Jolie Polish's store!

    Xx Julia

    1. Hehe thanks, Julia! <3 I am loving all of her crellies! They make PERFECT bases for nail art. :)