Wednesday, February 5, 2014

In Theory by Color Club

Yeah... since it's February, it's time to pull out all my pink polishes and swatch them. :) I decided to show you all Color Club In Theory today just because I've actually never worn this color and Color Club is one of my favorite polish brands. ;) I have such lame reasons but this salmon-y pink color is so pretty!

I am only wearing 2 coats of In Theory with no topcoat. :) This is just straight up Color Club polishes for you! There are some polishes by CC that dry matte but this one is definitely shiny!

Hehe... Color Club bottles are actually also my favorite to hold too. <3
Last photo of In Theory by Color Club. ;D
I also just wanted to show you a random photo of this new ring I bought from the Born Pretty Store; this was my first experience buying jewelry from them and I went with this gold leaf ring. I should have realized the gold would tarnish and disappear after wearing it a ton. >.< It's a cute ring but is NOT what they advertised at all! :/

This is how the Born Pretty Store advertised the rings and as you can see, the actual product is NOTHING like what I got. :/ I guess for 60 cents you can't complain! I mean, mine is cute but I was silly and didn't realize that the design would be totally different. :p

Anyway, I learned my lesson but this is how my ring actually looks; still kinda cute but nothing like what I expected. :( You can check out the specific product here.
I hope you liked my quick Color Club In Theory swatch for you. :) Such a pretty salmon pink! I see myself wearing it a lot in the spring. ;)
Your Polish Pal,


  1. Great color from Color Club! I love how shiny it is by itself too :) That sucks that the ring wasn't what you expected though. At least you didn't pay a lot for it!

  2. What a great color!
    The coverage looks great ;)

    Xx Julia