Saturday, February 22, 2014

Time For Red Floral

Eeep, you can tell that I am so ready for spring! Floral nails have been popping up all over the place and it's time for me to actually practice my flowers. :) Today's red floral designs was inspired by Brii @brii20owens on Instagram. Keep reading to view more pictures and find out the polishes I used!
This mani was so fun to do! I have been in this phase when I'm starting to actually use nail polish in my nail art designs; most of you know that I almost always use acrylic paint. The only issue with acrylic paint is that I only have 12  bottles of the basic colors (as in the rainbow! ROY G. BIV plus black and white ;)). It just means if I want a lighter or darker shade of a color, I have to 'create it' myself by mixing. So lately I've been using nail polish as a base AND nail art. :D (Because we all know that I have over 100 bottles... No. I shall not count because I may have almost 200 and don't want to embarrass myself anymore than necessary). 

 But anyway! So, for the plain ole' red nails, I used 2 coats of Wet n Wild Red Tape (my FAVORITE red jelly polish ever!) topped with Sinful Colors Green Ocean (which is the iridescent glitter). And I can't forget my OPI Matte Topcoat finish! :) It was great to use Green Ocean for the first time.. xD I've had it for almost a year but never really had a use for it until today.
Okay, now the floral nails -- I started with the grey and white striped base. I used striping tape to make those perfect lines and I kind of hate striping tape. Just an FYI! Maaaan, it takes forever to cut and place but I guess it's a necessity if you 're looking for perfect stripes. Boo. Then I outlined my flowers and leaves in black acrylic paint (I always cheat with the outlining) and filled it in with white acrylic paint (still cheating...). Next, I filled in the outlines with the colors I wanted and finally retraced the black lines. I even added some of those extra details on the flowers and leaves with the black acrylic paint.
Polishes I Used (for the nail art):
Wet n Wild White Crème (white stripes)
NYC Sidewalkers (grey stripes)
Wet n Wild Stand The Test of Lime (green leaves)
Wet n Wild Red Tape (red flowers)
China Glaze Glistening Snow (silver glitter center)
 Here is one last shot of my floral nails! <3 They look really, really pretty. :)
Thanks again Brii @brii20owens for the inspiration! I used her design for our #maniswap which you can check out on Instagram. :)
Your Polish Pal,


  1. Super cute and girly! I love it :)

  2. These are so cute! Love the red color choice too! I need to get back into my acrylic paints. I have a set of them that I don't really use, lol.

  3. Omg I need to find Green Ocean! I've been looking for it forever!! I love the flowers! I don't think using acrylic paint is cheating lol... I love using it for freehand because you can always just wash it off if you mess up without ruining your base polish :)

  4. This is really beautiful =) Great colors!