Monday, February 17, 2014

I 'Lime' Tribal

Yippee for green nail polish! <3 As a blogger, holidays can be really stressful because people are always asking for 'holiday themed' posts! But once the holiday is over *cough cough.. we just had Valentine's Day cough*, you feel free again! ;) I'm tired of using girly pinks so you may notice that I am on a green binge --  I hardly ever get to use my green nail polishes so it's time to pull them out. :) (And as I'm writing this, I literally just realized that St.Patrick's Day is coming up... shoot. I thought I was being original..)
If you're loving my green tribal nails, keep reading to view more photos! ;D And take a small note of that sad thumb nail; you aren't going to see it again. I didn't like how it turned out and was too lazy to redo it hahaha!

I can't believe I used to hate tribal nails... they used to be so difficult to do. I didn't start getting into the whole tribal thing until the sweetest girl, Lacey, bought me brushes. When I started my nail art journey, I used a simple mechanical pencil to do all of my art. Lacey (from Lace & Lacquers) believed that I could do better if I had nail art brushes so out of a random act of kindness, she bought some just for me. <3 Whenever I do tribal nails, I think of her because they are one of her favorite nail art designs. :) I'm sorry for the random story but Lacey seriously is one of the reasons why I can do neat nail art. :)
The only nail polish I used in this tribal mani is Wet n Wild Stand the Test of Lime. The black and white is acrylic paint. And aren't these little rhinestones just the prettiest?!?! I got them from SeAnna Juicy Nails Boutique! These crystal rhinestones are only $2.99 for 144 gems -- and she does free shipping. ;) I say great deal!
I just stuck the rhinestones one when my nails were still wet and they stayed on all day! (Yes, once again, I did laundry, showered, and all that good stuff with these gems and they didn't fall off! I even sleep with them on and they were both here in the morning. :)) SeAnna Juicy Nails' products are amazing. She used them in her nail salon and so she knows what quality is.
 And here is one last look at my lime tribal nails! I am sooooo ready for warm months. :)
Did you guys 'lime' my tribal nails too? ;) It makes me happy that I can finally do nail art again haha!
Your Polish Pal,


  1. Pretty design! I've been wanting to wear green a lot lately, too!

  2. Very detailed tribal print! I really need to do a freehand one like yours.