Friday, February 7, 2014

Just Add A Bow!

I must have a thing for purple nail polish... and bows lately. ;) I wan to just glue bow onto all of manis! And I think I will do just that because I just received a ton of cute bows from SeAnna Juicy Nails ;D I can't wait to use those but sadly I did this design in particular a few days ago so I didn't have the new bows. </3 But anyway, here is my sad attempt at purple mix and match nails (with a wonky tape accent nail... you can tell that I don't use striping tape often...) xD
I only used 2 different nail polishes colors, striping tape, and of course my little nail art bow from the Born Pretty Store. I've been seeing a lot of tape manicures floating around on Instagram so I decided to try one for myself. I see potential but this is totally not my thing yet. ;)
 So the light purple polish is OPI You're Such A Budapest and the darker purple is Sinful Colors Amethyst. :) It kills me that I hardly ever get to use Amethyst yet -- this literally is one of my favorite colors ever.
 Yeah so one bottle shot using my OPI polish is obviously not enough. I have to show off my Sinful Colors' bottle too!
 Here is how all 5 nails ended up! Simplicity at it's finest. ;)
And I wasn't going to include this shot but I decided to because I was trying some different hand poses. xD There are always a ton of jokes about how girls post 'stupid photos of their nails on the internet' *cough cough, I do that as a hobby obviously, cough* and so this prompted me to make a super unnatural hand-pose. Bahaha, now that I look at it, it doesn't look that bad... but man, it felt super awkward.  
So how did you like my purple mix and match nails? :) I have always loved this super varied manicures but I'm not very creative with making my own. Thus, the addition of nail art bows make everything better. No joke! I must continue with swatching now that I have *successfully* completed my first accounting test but I have a calculus and econ test next week. Eeeeep! I can't wait until next Thursday -- I will be done with testing for like 2 weeks. ;) Then we can start the stressing cycle all over again. Joyous. :| Happy thoughts, I can do it! xD
Your Polish Pal,


  1. It looks great! That bow is so cute and you pull it off good! I probably wouldn't wear a decal like that in real because I'll probably stag it on something, lol. The last hand pose isn't that bad, its always great to experiment and play around with hand poses too :)

  2. I love the details that you added to this manicure!
    The bow looks so cute and I really like this design ;)

    Xx Julia