Monday, February 24, 2014

Leopard Rose Nails (+ Tutorial)

 If you really like floral nails, then you're in luck! I have been having an obsession with floral manicures lately so let's continue this fad with my fun classic leopard print nails with hot pink roses. :) This design in particular was inspired by Jan @_nail_bliss_ on Instagram. A friend and I decided that it was time to recreate this oober girly nail design as a #bestietwinnails collab! So, keep reading you guys if you want to see who I partnered up with for this week's collab and a tutorial for this leopard rose nail art design. ;)

I seriously have not done a super girly nail design in forever, so this is such a change!
Of course I love how it turned out though! <3 The polishes I used for this design were:
Sephora Neutral Beauty (tan base)
China Glaze Mahogany Magic (brown spots)
Nina Ultra Pro fuchsia Rage (hot pink roses)
China Glaze Gaga For Green (green leaves)
And the black is acrylic paint.
And you guys haven't had a fun thumb shot in a while. ;)
Finally here is your tutorial on how to do rose nails with leopard print!
1. Start off with any base color you want. I'm obviously going for a brown leopard print but feel to choose whatever color scheme you want!
2. Use your nail polish brush to make a random big blob at the corner of a nail. Yes. I love hot pink. ;) But once again, you can pick whatever color you want.
3. Once your blob dries, we're going to turn it into a flower so add some squiggles around it with black.  This is your flower outline.
4. Continue adding flowers but this time in the middle (like the picture shows).
5. Go ahead and add some leaves if you please. :)
6. & 7. And finally finish off with some classic leopard print. I have a leopard print tutorial here!
And taaa-daaah! You have some super cute girly nails. ;)
Oh.... and I just wanted to see what a matte topcoat looked of course. ;) I love how it makes this design look a lot more calm. xD
And here is the fabulous girl Jessica @whoa_its_jessica on Instagram that asked me to do these #bestietwinnails with her! <3 Do find her on Instagram and follow her for beautiful swatches. :)
I hope you all enjoyed my picture heavy post + nail art tutorial. :) It's my first tutorial in a while! I'm just tired of people stealing my pictorials and blurring/cropping out the watermarks... that's why I stopped making them but now, I'm making sure that you can't remove them as easily. :p Until next time though! :)
Your Polish Pal,


  1. These look so great! I adore leopard print and roses, so I cannot but love this design :) Great tutorial as well (only: so sad that people steal your pictures! Booh to them!)

  2. What a wonderful tutorial on this mani! You both did amazing on it!

  3. Great tutorial and a fabulous manicure, love it!

  4. thanks for the rose tutorial! I've been meaning to try drawing a rose but I didn't really know how/wasn't confident enough to try... maybe I will give it a go now :) I personally prefer it matte but it's cute both ways!

  5. amazing man.. i love leopard print.. i was trying it so many times but failed to create this design..please give some ideas to increasing the length of nail.. thanks for sharing it man..

  6. Awesome nail art, but i cant made so sad, but i dont like this color