Saturday, August 17, 2013

L is for Leopard

Wooooooah.... One of the busiest weeks of the year is now done! ;) Sorry about being absent for a while! I haven't done my nails for FIVE days bahaha. I wore my favorite pink OPI Bubble Bath the entire time. :) But now it's time to continue my alphabet nail art challenge!
Today I have for you Leopard Nails (& a leopard nail tutorial). I wanted to do something more fun but I'm a little out of practice so I decided to stick with something easy. :)
 You may be wondering if there is a difference between cheetah nails and leopard nails. Apparently cheetah nails is NOT the right term... My eyes were opened by one of my friends, Janella, @peacehapplove on Instagram. She posted this comparison a while ago!
As you could see, the spots are actually on the Leopard, not the Cheetah haha.
So here is my updated Leopard Nail Tutorial! If you have any questions, let me know!
I used all nail polish for this design. The nude base is Neutral Beauty by Sephora and the brown spots are Mahogany Magic by China Glaze.  Then the black is Ebony Hates Chris by Wet n' Wild. Finally I topped with Glossy Glam for shine! :)
Here is one last shot of my leopard nails! I love this color combo. :)
So I start school on Monday! I can't believe summer went by so fast... I'm excited to start again though! :D We'll see how often I can do my nails but I doubt it's going to be more than 2x a week... :/ I hope you all had a super fun summer and we'll see where this new semester takes me!
L is for Leopard Nails.
Your Polish Pal,

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