Thursday, August 29, 2013

Volleyball Nails (+ Tutorial)

Wowza! Okay ladies... I am extremely embarrassed to show you my nails but after almost a week of no nail art, I decided it was time to do some. My pinky nail had the worst break ever on Monday so I was forced to file all my nails. :/ Oh well, I was bound to break them all in judo anyways bahaha. xD
So let's take a look at my Volleyball Nails! I made a volleyball nail art tutorial more than a year ago and I still see it being pinned on Pinterest quite often but it's so old and gross.. It's about time to recreate these sport nails with the much better me. ;) So here is a quick look at what my nail length is now (yeah, I warned you) and how my finished volleyball nails turned out! :D Keep reading if you're interested in learning how to make your own volleyball nails. ;)
Volleyball Nails

Volleyball Nail Art Tutorial
Volleyball Nails Tutorial
Here is my quick volleyball tutorial! I hope the steps in the pictorial are pretty self-explanatory. :) Basically just copy the picture and you should be able to make your own volleyballs! I used a white base for the "classic volleyball" but you can use any color -- or after you're done with step 8, you could also opt to fill in some of the spaces with color. For instance, some of the volleyballs at my school were our school colors, blue and white. xD To draw the lines, remember you can use a mechanical pencil (or toothpick) dipped into black nail polish!
Volleyball Nails
On my index and pinky nails, I decided to add my school colors for accents! I love the way this looks. ;) (My school colors were blue and grey for high school but blue and white for jr. high haha! Just for clarification!) Some other ideas for your own volleyball nails include:
  • Painting your jersey number on one of your nails
  • Doing your school colors on all your nails but then have your ring finger be the volleyball
  • Having "I", "<3" [love, heart], "VB" or an actual volleyball nail going across 3 of your nails
Volleyball Nails
The reason why I love sport nails is because you can alter the mani to coordinate with your school! So the next time you have a volleyball game, get together with some of your teammates and do their nails with these super easy volleyball nails! Or even if you aren't a volleyball player, go support your friends' with this kind of mani. :)
Your Polish Pal,
(P.S. Here is proof that you can do anything on short nails! I am actually really proud of this nail art on short nails... xD)


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  2. smart move w/ the mechanical pencil idea