Thursday, August 8, 2013

Love, Angeline: Smoke & Mirrors Review

Hello, hello! It has been a while since I've swatched some awesome indie polish so I think today isa perfect day to do so! (Plus it's time for another short break from the ABC Nail Challenge). ;) Today I have for you a fairly new brand called Love, Angeline created by Natosha! She began her adventure in February 2013 so I'm honored to be of assistance and provide swatches of her newest collection called Smoke & Mirrors. So without any further ado, keep reading to see the beautiful colors Hypnotize and Ta Da!

First off, I wanted to start with Hypnotize.
Hypnotize is a grey jelly polish filled with the prettiest glitters! We have some fuchsia and teal circle glitters along with holographic silver hexagons.
Although the color combo is super cute, I have to be honest and say application for me was difficult. I had to swatch this baby 5 times. Yes. FIVE times. Why? Well, my entire goal is to make the polish look as pretty as it's supposed to be but for some reason Hypnotize didn't want to cooperate! No matter how much I shook or rolled the nail polish bottle, the glitters didn't come out that easily. I had to fish them out of the bottle but no matter what I tried, Hypnotize didn't look right. So I tried with 3 coats by itself like many other bloggers did and it looked FABULOUS. Nope. It didn't work for me... Maybe I'm just a horrible person but I decided to try ONE more time and it looks like 5th time is the charm. For this swatch, I used 1 coat of OPI I Don't Give A Rotterdam and then a coat of Hypnotize. Then I admit I had to hand place the other glitters.. (aka used glitter placement). It was really easy to do though because the glitters are so large so it wasn't a big deal. I'm sorry for the long rant but I DO pride myself in being truthful -- so I'm just explaining my experience with the application of Hypnotize.
In the end (erm.. after practicing so many times to make sure I got it right!!), Hypnotize turned out nice. :) I adore the grey with the glitter combo -- it's not something you see everyday. Do you think it's hypnotizing? ;)
Viola! I give you Ta-Da! by Love, Angeline. Ta-Da! is a white jelly polish filled with pink squares, grey and holographic silver hexagons, and itty-bitty red glitters. This is totally my favorite from the whole Smoke & Mirrors collection! I was so happy that Natosha sent me this one... hehe. ;)
I'm so sorry if I scared you with the last polish! Seriously don't worry though because Ta Da! applies like a dream! <3 I tried this polish with a polish underneath (aka undies) and also without undies. I came to the conclusion that you don't need undies (wahooo! You wanna go commando? ;)) If you chose to not have any undies, then you're going to probably use 3 coats of Ta Da! and the outcome will look creamy like the bottle. But if you decide to wear underwear... (I went with 1 coat of OPI Bubble Bath), then you only need 1 coat of Ta Da! :) With undies, you'll probably have to use less coats of polish which works out great if you're lazy like me, AND it makes the jelly polish look more like a glitter topper. So you still get the creaminess factor, but it'll look like you just topped a polish with glitter rather than "Jelly Sandwich" look. Either way, you're going to get a gorgeous mani!
Awww... one last shot of Ta-Da! I see myself wearing this around Valentine's Day FOR SURE. <3 It's so girly hehe.
Well, there are just 2/6 of the great polishes Natosha created for her Smoke & Mirrors Collection. This collection won't officially be available until August 21st, 2013 but you can pre-order today and get your favorite before anyone else has a chance. *Cue Evil Laughter* MOOOHAHAHA! So thanks for taking a look at Hypnotize and Ta Da! by Love, Angeline. 
Be sure to get all the new updates, info, and all that jazz about Love, Angeline Polish with her Facebook or Instagram. :) And of course check out her website for some lovely, all ready released polishes. ;) Thanks again Natosha! <3
Your Polish Pal,

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