Saturday, August 10, 2013

K is for Kaleidoscope

Welp... I was going to wait to post my nails for K for Kaleidoscope nails on Monday but I'm not really THAT patient. >.< Plus, I've already strayed from the ABC Challenge 2x this week and will again tomorrow for hopefully an epic Swatch Sunday (with the new Wet n'Wild collection!). So I'll just post my Kaleidoscope nails now. :)
On Instagram, @nailslikelace came up with an idea to have a HUGE rainbow collaboration -- meaning a ton of girls are creating rainbow nails just for this weekend! So on Monday, if you're on Instagam, be sure to check out the hashtag #collablikerainbows2013 to see ALL of the fabulous rainbow nail designs. ;) We nail artists are crazy...

 LOL okay I'm sorry if these are technically kaleidoscope nails. I honestly really don't care because I thought they turned out super duper cool!! And yes, this is all done by hand (like normal). No tape or anything special -- I did acrylic paint for the entire design though. :)
They look like a crazy patchwork quilt! :D Ish. ;)
But kaleidoscope patterns can be virtually anything... so THERE. I don't regret doing them for my K nails. xD Thanks Ali (@pleasedtopleaseyou on IG) for suggesting these first! I really had fun doing them. xD
And why not a little picture cropped to a cloud? xD Thanks for checking out the my nails for the ABC Nail Challenge today! It's great to see a lot of my IG friends doing the challenge with me. ;) Have YOU started it yet? ;D
K is for Kaleidoscope Nails.
Your Polish Pal,

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