Sunday, August 11, 2013

Wet n' Wild Pop Art Collection Swatches

Hellooooo! I did not forget my promise to swatch the entire new, limited edition, Wet n' Wild Pop Art Craze Collection for you today on Swatch Sunday. :) Like I said before, I bought this entire collection at Shopko a few days ago because my Walgreens didn't have it. :/ That's okay though! I bought mine for the same price that Walgreens was having their Wet n' Wild polishes. ;) So if you're interested in learning more about this new summer collection, then keep reading!

Wet n Wild Pop Art Collection
 So to begin this EPIC swatch fest, I want to show you all A Blank Canvas by Wet n' Wild. ;)
Wet n Wild A Blank Canvas
You don't really need to buy this white because there isn't anything special about it. xD Honestly, it looks just like Wet n' Wild's other white polish that I sometimes use called French White Crème. But hey, cheap white polishes always make me happy! 
Wet n Wild A Blank Canvas
I'm wearing 2 coats of A Blank Canvas by the way topped with a clear topcoat.
Wet n Wild The Clock Strikes Orange
Now that we have that white polish out of the way, I now have The Clock Strikes Orange by yes, Wet n' Wild.  ;) (Sorry... I've never swatched a whole collection before! This is exciting. xD) And as you may have guessed already, this is a creamy pumpkin color. ;)

Wet n Wild The Clock Strikes Orange
I am wearing 3 coats of The Clock Strikes Orange with a clear topcoat. I realized that this is a dupe of Sunkissed by Sally Hansen.... The SH is good in 2 coats but is a little bit more. I will be using this for watermarbling nails hopefully!
Wet n Wild Who is Ultra Violet?
Third up we have Who is Ultra Violet? I only have 3 purples in my polish collection so this is a great addition! :D
I used 3 coats of Who is Ultra Violet? and topped with a clear topcoat. I'm not a big purple wear-er but I will have to start! This is one of my favorites of this collection. :)
Wet n Wild Stand the Test of Lime
Now we have Stand the Test of Lime! I was really looking forward to this lime green but the formula was actually quite different from the others in this collection.
Wet n Wild Stand the Test of Lime
I had to use 4 coats of Stand the Test of Lime (and of course a topcoat!) to make the green sorta opaque. I probably could have used another coat but decided 4 was okay for swatching purposes. I do LOVE this color but the formula was just so thin. :(
Wet n Wild Listening to Blue Reed
Now onto the blue polishes in this Pop Art Collection! This pretty dark blue is Listening to Blue Reed. :)
Wet n Wild Listening to Blue Reed
I used 3 coats of Listening to Blue Reed plus a topcoat. I also realized this was ALMOST a dupe for Chelsea Blue by Color Club, except the Wet n' Wild is slightly lighter. xD Phew!
Wet n Wild Teal Slowly and See
And finally, my other favorite from this collection is Teal Slowly and See. :) This is my first aqua blue and I'm totally obsessed!

Wet n Wild Teal Slowly and See
I used 2 coats of Teal Slowly and See with a topcoat for this swatch.

Thank you all for taking a look at Wet n' Wild's 2013 Limited Edition Summer Collection! Overall, for $0.99 retail price, these polishes are definitely worth it! Although some of the formulas are really thin, it's expected with cheap polish. The white is definitely one of the best polishes though. ;) If you're going to by any of the polishes in the Pop Art Collection, I say buy the purple and aqua! They're my favorites!
I managed to grab a snapshot of the sale going on at Shopko. ;) 30% off ALL Wet n' Wild products at the moment!

So what are you waiting for? GO BUY THESE PRETTY POLISHES NOOOOOW. :)

Your Polish Pal,

(P.S. I bought all these polishes -- they weren't provided for me by any company).
(P.S.S. Also, the topcoat I used for every swatch was Glossy Glam by Ricarda. :)).

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