Wednesday, August 21, 2013

M is for Mix & Match

M is for Mix & Match nails! :D It's time to continue my Alphabet Challenge with letter "M". ;) I've had these mix & match nails on since Sunday so it's been a while since I've done my nails... xD These pictures were taken Monday though when my nails were longer. :/ I've been secretly filing them down to be super short but after a small break in judo class, I decided long nails is a summer thing. It's time to go back to nubbies! Okay. ENOUGH Jenna on your nail life. Onto more photos for M!

 So TECHNICALLY I did these nails as "Monochrome Nails" because I saw a lot of them going around Instagram. I read the true definition though and of course monochrome means 1 color.. just several shades. :/ Soooo, technically these are black and white nails, NOT monochrome which made me super sad...
But luckily a friend pointed out that they're also mix & match nails. xD (OMG no duh..) And thank goodness mix & match works for letter "M" in our Alphabet Nail Art Challenge. xD
One last photo of my wannabe Monochrome but truly Mix & Match Mani! ;) I used acrylic paint for the entire design but the base was originally Snow Me White by Sinful Colors. Which nail is your favorite? I really like my squares on the middle nail! I will have to do that for a full mani soon.. :) Can't wait to see what I come up with for N!
M is for Mix & Match Nails.
Your Polish Pal,

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