Saturday, August 24, 2013

N is for Newspaper Nails

N is for Newspaper Nails! This is going to be a super short post but keep reading if you're interested in learning how to make your own newspaper nails. ;)

Newspaper Nails Tutorial

So this is the base that I started with!
Newspaper Nails Tutorial
My favorite light blue polish -- It says Re-Fresh Mint on the label but I think it's actually Kinetic Candy by China Glaze.
Newspaper Nails Tutorial
Here is one last shot of my newspaper nails for the ABC Nail Art Challenge!
And here is my super short Newspaper Nail Tutorial!
You will need: a pastel polish (or white), newspaper, rubbing alcohol (or any alcohol really haha), a bowl, a clear topcoat, materials to clean up afterwards. 1. Start off with any light base polish. Let this dry COMPLETELY. (I'd wait at least 20 minutes!) 2. Just tear some chunks of newspaper big enough to fit your entire nail and set aside. 3. Pour the alcohol into a bowl. (I've seen other people use water but any type of alcohol works best! This gets the ink off the newspaper!!!) 4. Dip your finger into the alcohol into the bowl for about 20 seconds. 5. Take your finger out and quickly put the newspaper on top of your wet nail. 6. With your other hand, rub the newspaper onto your nail (like I did in the video). 7. Gently take off newspaper and you MUST APPLY A CLEAR TOPCOAT!!! (Otherwise the newspaper words come off!) 8. Finally clean up your cuticles with a q-tip (or brush) dipped in acetone :)

N is for Newspaper Nails.

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