Tuesday, August 6, 2013

J is for Jellyfish

Happy Shark Week everyone! ;D I don't have any shark nails but I do have another creature of the sea. ;)  I finally got back home from Seattle last night and decided to relax with some nail art. ;) For today's ABC Nail Art Challenge, I have J is for Jellyfish Nails! Once again, many people suggested this on Instagram so I had to practice a few times but this is what we ended up with. :) I was very much inspired by @Melissarose0410 on Instagram. You all should check out her YouTube account too! Keep reading for some more jellyfish nail picture spam and learn what polishes I used. :)

First off, the polishes I used as following:
1. The base polish was 2 coats of Midnight Blue by Sinful Colors.
2. Then I sponged on Chelsea Blue by Color Club, I'm So Sari by Sephora, and Love-A-Bull by Laquerlicious to get some glitter and more depth.
3. Finally I drew on my little jellyfishes with white acrylic paint and topped with Flawless by LUXE Coat. :)
I really like the subtle glitters in this jellyfish mani! I was going to try "cute" jellyfish nails like the ones off of SpongeBob but I loved Melissa's elegant jellyfishes. :) I had to do them!
One last photo! I ended up loving what I did for "J" nails. :) Can't wait for "K"!
J is for Jellyfish Nails. (Oh. And Jenna. ;))
Your Polish Pal,

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