Monday, February 10, 2014

Evolution by Color Club

 Hurray for another Color Club polish! :D Today I have for you all yet another Color Club polish that deserved a swatch for you all. But along with this Color Club, I decided to pair it with a oober gorgeous glitter bomb by Jolie Polish that you're going to have to keep reading to view. ;)
Evolution by Color Club
Why yes, I did go out in the snow to take this bottle shot. ;) This dead plant was just calling for a pop of blue!
And here is what 2 coats of Color Club Evolution looks like on your nails. :) I did not bother to add a topcoat because I knew I was going to add glitter to it. It's not as shiny as In Theory but this formula was a bit more crème-y than In Theory (which was more jelly-like). This blue is a definite must have for any collection though! So if you're interested in checking out the new glitter bomb by Jolie Polish, keep reading. :)

And HUZZZZZZZZZAH! Say hello to Jolie Polish Heart of Gold.
This gold glitter bomb is literally my new favorite glitter. I just want to top it on every color... Heart of Gold has a HUGE variety of gold glitters in a clear base -- there is no fishing whatsoever for glitter here.  You'll find hearts, hexagons, squares, and bar glitters in this fancy mix; I only applied 2 coats.
I did in fact matte this polish right away on top of Evolution just because I knew that it was going to look fabulous that way. xD I will have a swatch in the future where the gold glitters are glossy as can be but when I took pictures yesterday, I just felt like matte was much better than glossy. ;) Oooh! And hey, that heart stud is from the Born Pretty Store. ;) It looks so dang cute with blue and gold glitter combo! (And note: I have been wearing the stud for 24 hours now! I just put a clear topcoat on to seal it onto my nail and it's lasted through a shower, sleep, and daily activities. xD Just an FYI!)
I will continue tomorrow with even more Jolie Polish swatches from her new Heart Collection and I honestly can't wait to show you them. ;) There are some total winners there! Plus, I think I have found a new obsession with bows... *hint hint, wink wink* ;)
Your Polish Pal,


  1. Ah that blue is gorgeous! Topped with that gold glitter, its perfection :)