Sunday, February 16, 2014

Your Typical Mint Mani

It's time to go cliché guys! ;D Today I have for you that classic mint mani with roses. ;) I actually used all nail polish for this design aside from the white stripes and polka dots! I am so proud of myself. x) I hardly ever use actual nail polish for my designs but I didn't have the right acrylic paint colors so I was like, oh what the heck! I'll just use polish. :) Keep reading to view more pictures of my mint mani and to figure out what polishes I used!
Mooohahahaha! Pastel polishes are always so gorgeous.
Jealous, Much? by Orly
I adore this name and this shade! I am wearing 3 coats of Orly Jealous, Much? with no topcoat. Yes, this mint green polish is truly this shiny on it's own! You should all be jealous. (I'm kidding of course but if you're in the market for a perfect minty green, this would be it!)
Okay, I just realized I have a ton of pictures in this blog post because I actually like my nails today... I haven't done any good nail art in weeks so this mani makes me very happy! :)
The polishes I used are:
Orly Jealous, Much? - Mint (base)
Pure Ice Nude Beach - Peach (roses)
Sally Hansen Honeymoon Red - Red (roses)
Wet n Wild SaGreena The Teenage Witch - Green (leaves)
 Here is one last photo of my rose nails! You can't have vintage without pearls. ;) This shot turned out oober cute!
Vintage Rose Nails
Oh and just for kicks, here is how my nails looked between each stage. :) The white in Stage 2 is acrylic paint and then that's when I realized that I was going to have to do the roses with nail polish. xD My 'roses' are just blobs of peach with a little swirl of red in the center. I used a mechanical pencil to draw everything in Stage 3. :) (The lines and dots were made with a nail art brush).

So, after weeks of not going good nail art, I am happy to say that I'm back! :D This manicure was inspired by @sezies_nails on Instagram. :) Check out my Instagram to see our #maniswap ;) You're going to want to see her adorable recreation of one of my manis!
Your Polish Pal,


  1. These look amazing! I always love a mint manicure too. That Orly shade is fantastic, so pretty! Its always great to use polishes to do designs every once in a while too :)

  2. Beautiful manicure! I love roses on a mint base :)

  3. Lovely mint color! I love the flowers especially with the stripes and polka dots! Very pretty and vintage looking :)

  4. Ooh this is such a cute design! I adore mint green and it looks perfect with the stripes and polka dots combined with the roses!