Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Inspired by Sumaiya Khan's Painting

It is nail art time my friends! ;) I know that I have been doing a lot of reviews lately so I wanted to take a break and do some challenging nail art. Yeah, this meant no “simple” dotticure or geometric mani. Instead, I was inspired by a gorgeous painting that Sumaiya Khan @sum_khan did. :)

Inspired by a Painting Nails
My "recreation" is a far cry from what Sumaiya's original painting looked like.
Inspired by a Painting Nails
Watercolor Painting by Sumaiya Khan (@sum_khan on Instagram)
 I do not consider myself artistic at all but this painting just captivated me and I actually saw @stylish_mom do a mani inspired by it -- I needed the challenge too. ;) 
Inspired by a Painting Nails
The only polish that I used in this mani is Are You Calling Me a Lyre? by OPI. The rest of the colors are acrylic paint. :) 
This is also the FIRST mani that I've ever done with a person in it! :D Even though it's of a girl from the back, painting the hair was the most difficult part of the entire manicure. It turned out pretty fab though for the first try. ;)
Inspired by a Painting Nails

And here is a closeup of my girl. :) Hehe.. for once it's not a thumb shot. ;)

I hope you all liked my "inspired by a paining" nails! I love finding new artists to gawk over. I'll be back with reviewing this week -- I want to get caught up so I can do more nail art like this!

Your Polish Pal.


  1. You did an awesome job recreating it though!

  2. You had a fantastic inspiration. Your nail art came out great, amazing work!

  3. AWW your nails look so cute!

    Xx julia

  4. Your blog looks absolutely beautiful and i like this mani very much

    I’m looking forward to read your next article ;)