Friday, June 20, 2014

X Marks the Spot (+ tutorial)

 The most important skill to have when doing doing tape manicure is patience. There is a reason why you rarely see your Polish Pal doing tape manicures -- striping tape is insane. However, there has been a very popular criss-cross nail art design floating around that I just had to try. Sadly it does require striping tape for those perfectly crisp lines so that's why they make perfect accent nails. ;) Keep reading for my striping tape tutorial too!

Striping Tape Mani Tutorial
I first saw this particular criss-cross design by Tabitha @idreamoflacquer on Instagram but I honestly don't know who first came up with the mani. >.< Yesterday I also saw the amazing Chalkboard Nails try out this tape mani -- she really gave me the push to FINALLY try this design out, despite my frustration with striping tape. So whoever did develop this look, thank you for the inspiration! (I know people hate when they aren't credited for being inspired so that's why I am trying to be clear about I actually have no clue who first posted this look...)
Striping Tape Mani Tutorial
I really, really, really love this criss-cross accent nail! You can do ANY color combo you want and this design would look fabulous. :) The polishes I used though are L.A. Girls Black Illusion and L.A. Girls 3D Silver. I thought about adding nail art studs or a glitter gradient but you know what? Simplicity needs to win sometimes. ;) 
Striping Tape Mani Tutorial
Okay, so here is my criss-cross nail art pictorial using striping tape. :) {You can purchase striping tape from the Born Pretty Store here -- my 10% off discount code is JZX31}
Striping Tape Mani Tutorial
And let's end with thee thumb shot! :D 

Your Polish Pal,

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  1. What a nice striping tape design. It looks so detailed too!