Monday, June 2, 2014

Happy Graduation Nails!

Hello my friends! :D I am happy to announce that I am officially a high school graduate as of yesterday. ;) Nah, this whole graduating high school thing isn't that big of a deal. Heck, I've been buying stuff for my dorm for over a month now! But still, it's been a pretty good week nevertheless. :) I decided to celebrate this fortune by doing actual nail art. ;) So take a look below at my mysterious tree nails. <3

I seriously don't know what to call these nails... they remind me of nails that you would do for Halloween but the blue background isn't spooky! So that's why I say they're 'mysterious' instead. ;)
I adore how these turned out! The only polish that I used in this design is Sinful Colors Midnight Blue which I used as a base. Then I used dark and light blue, black, and white acrylic paint + OPI Matte Topcoat. :) I must clarify that I did not wear these nails to my graduation. xD I kept my nails simple by wearing a solid coat of white polish. ;)

This entire design was inspired by these 3 lovely ladies: 
Painting #1 is by Mely @rockyournails, #2 is by Yeari @thecraftyninja, and #3 is by Sara @cupcakepolish. I saw these paintings almost a month ago but knew right away that I just HAD to do this awesome design on my nails! :)
Here is one last photo of my daunting silhouette tree nails. ;) I am indeed holding my graduation cap in this photo! I was going to use my tassel but I already hung it my car and was too lazy to pull it out. xD
 Okay, just because graduation is sort of something that only happens a few times in your life, I decided to share some personal photos. :)  (You can just skip these!) I am ready to dig into this amazing homemade cake that a friend made for me! (It was a marbled cake and man.... I have eaten 4 slices in the last 24 hours... Shhhh).
Wildflowers my Daddy Picked for Me
My mom had my dad go pick some wildflowers for me and this is what we ended with! <3 It was one of the sweetest things my dad has ever done for me. :) It was so cute because my dad comes in and sets the flowers down and mom asked him who they were for. He's kind of shy with these things... so he just mumbled something and started to walk out the door but then mom asked "Oh! Are they for me?" He had to answer that. xD Finally, he admitted that they were for me. ;) Seriously, this was adorable.  The 'vase' just tops the cake too! I love it!
Closeup of Wildflowers
 They may not be the most prettiest flowers but it's the sentiments behind the flowers that I love. <3 
  I will only bore you one last time with a photo of me, my diploma case (because apparently diplomas are given out later baha), and my spiffy high school graduation apparel. ;) See these shoes??? They are 4.5 inch heels!!! I couldn't believe it myself until I measured them. xD I always thought they were only 3 inches until a friend demanded that I measured them; he was right, they are much taller than 3 inches... ;) But hey! I didn't trip ONCE while walking down a ton of stairs (and then back up those same stairs) in them to the graduation march. :) That was a happy moment! 

So there is just a little taste of my personal life. :) One last thing I proudly announce is that I was notified that I won 2 scholarships in the last week. Can you believe that?!?! I thought that I wasn't going to win any but I won 2 literally right in a row. :)  So $6000 additional dollars for school the next 4 years is greatly appreciated. ;) 

Hehe.. that's "all" I have for you guys today! Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my post-graduation nails. <3

Your Polish Pal,


  1. Congrats on graduating! Love seeing all those personal photos too. Your dad is so cute with the flowers and the vase he put it in! Love the nails too. It looks very mysterious.

  2. Your nails look amazing!!
    Congratulations ;)

    ~Xx~ Julia

  3. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Your not just a talented nail artist, your an adorable woman too! Congratulations for your graduation and thank you for sharing with us these special moments from your life. By the way your dad is amazing!

  5. I love this design and envy your freehand skills! Congrats on your graduation and winning 2 scholarship! You must be a smart cookie in addition to creative nail art genius!

  6. Congratulations! And those nails are very lovely! And mysterious indeed!

  7. congratulations on graduating and getting those scholarships! hahaha I love the flower vase! I think it's sweet that your dad went and picked out flowers for you too... I think it means a lot more than going out to buy them. love the shoes too... I would probably trip trying to walk on stairs with them though I'm such a klutz :p

    great mani as always! the painting translated really well into nail art!