Friday, September 13, 2013

Wham! Pow! by Color Club

Whaaaam! Poowwww! :D

Why hello there pretty orange. ;) I am indeed in love with you! Everyone, say hello to Wham! Pow! by Color Club. I was getting ready to start fall but this neon orange polish was just calling my name. <3 How could a resist a good neon? ;)
Color Club Wham! Pow!
I know I'm not very good at capturing neon pinks or oranges but just imagine highlighter orange on your nails.. this is as good as it gets! :D
Color Club Wham! Pow!
I am wearing coats of Wham! Pow! and topped with Glossy Glam. :) The formula was actually really good for being a neon! (Neon polishes tend to be really thin. In some cases you need 5+ more coats like with some of the China Glaze neons).
Color Club Wham! Pow!
And one last photo of my favorite neon orange polish! Okay, another way to think about this color is to imagine the Orange Flavored TicTacs... ;) My sister was complaining that this orange was making her crave TicTacs. Pshhh... not my fault! It was great walking around and having people stop you to look at your nails (and yes, this includes the guys baha xD). You can buy this awesome neon polish here:

So thanks guys for checking out my short swatch session with my little shorties! And I hate to say that my pointer finger nail chipped.... uuuuugh! BLAME THE PE. Oh well, I've had this polish on since Monday. TGIF! ;) Time for some nail art! Have a fantastic Friday!! :D

Your Polish Pal,


  1. This is seriously stunning polish!

  2. I nominated you for The Liebster Award over on my blog :)
    Please check it out:

  3. Replies
    1. Yes it is! I'm so glad that I could capture the intensity of this orange. xD