Monday, September 9, 2013

P is for Paint Drip

P is for Paint Drip.
Mooohahahaha! It's the sliiiiiiime! ;) Hey guys! I'm proud to show you all my first successful paint drip mani. This whole drip nail thing was a big fad in 2012 but I finally took the time to try it for myself and I'm looooving the results. :)

It was so hard deciding what colors to use because any color would have looked fantastic. ;) I ended up doing it with black and green though because I wanted the slime look. xD Of course this mani would also be great for Halloween with the classic white and red for blood.
The colors I used were China Glaze I'm With the Lifeguard and Wet n Wild Ebony Hates Chris. I also used black and white acrylic paint though to achieve the drip drop look with my brushes from :) Read my full review of the brushes here.
Before the green! It was so hard choosing a color!
And here is after the green. ;)
And just for kicks...
I had the hardest time picking the perfect green slime color. xD I narrowed it down to 4 shades but in the end I had my mom chose the color bahaha! My sister was like "Aren't those all just green?" Ahem. No. You are so mistaken my friend. :p Thank you to all those people out there that understands the difference in color spectrums! <3
Thanks for joining me today with my drip nails. ;) Or aka PAINT DRIPS! :D As always, I got a ton of great suggestions but was really feeling the paint drips. ;) If you have a suggestion for Q, hit me up! Oh my... q is going to be difficult.. xD But so is this ABC Nail Art Challenge. ;) And seriously guys.. these nails are perfect for Halloween. ;)
P is for Paint Drip Nails.
Your Polish Pal,

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