Saturday, September 7, 2013

O is for Orange

O is for Orange Nails.
That's right. ;) I'm FINALLY continuing my ABC Nail Art Challenge! I am so sorry for the long break but school has been crazy and my inspiration has been low. :( I have found my inspiration for O nails though! And as you can probably guess, they are orange but they're not your typical "orange nails". xD
And taaa-daaah! I wasn't kidding! They are orange nails! Of course I have to credit my inspiration to this adorable little pumpkin charm that one of my friends', Grace, made me! Check out her website for more cute creations or her Instagram @tiny_works_of_art :)

This is how my entire mani turned out! :) Can you tell that I'm "soooo done" with summer nails? ;) Last year I didn't do hardly ANY fall nails so this year I gotta change that! For this pumpkin nail art design, I used Wet n Wild The Clock Strikes Orange and SaGreena The Teenage Witch and also used China Glaze Mahogany Magic. The black is acrylic paint and on my ring finger, I added some random gold loose glitter for fun!
Yeah, yeah, yeah.. I know my nails are really short. :p I still think they're cute. ;) Seeeee??! I have some cute short nails for fall! Mooohaha!
Yup. I did this pumpkin design last year (which you can see here) and even my sister was like woah.... you've changed a lot. xD I have indeedy and I am so proud of it! And before you say it, I know I could have done P is for Pumpkin Nails but I didn't really want to wait another day sooo I did O is for Orange Nails instead. ;) (NOT ORANGE SLICES!! xD) I do have to figure out something to do for P now... bahaha. Oh well, I love the weekends when I can actually do my nails! :)
O is for Orange Nails (not orange slices).
Your Polish Pal,
(P.S. Thanks again, Grace! <3 You have the cutest homemade charms ever!

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  1. So cute! I can't wait to start doing my Halloween nail art :)