Saturday, November 3, 2012

Pretty Pumpkin Tutorial

Ahaha! You people thought I was DONE with fall tutorials!! But I'm not! Tehehe :) I tried this out today and completed it in like 5 minutes so I hope that shows about how easy this pumpkin nail art tutorial is for today. ;) So take a look below and look at these darling pumpkin nails! Nah, they're not jack-o-lanterns, but these pumpkins are still "in" for a while. ;)

Yes. I love this pumpkin.

All you need for this design is some orange nail polish and either black, another shade of orange, dark green, OR brown! Pumpkins are very versatile. ;) I used a medium orange called Hot Tamale by Pure Ice for the pumpkin, light orange Apple Barrel acrylic paint called Jock-o-Lantern (hahaha more irony) for the stripes, and a dark green called Agro by China Glaze for the stems! I just used a small brush to paint the lines but I know that you can use a pencil dipped in polish to just draw them on to :) And when I say you can use any of the 4 colors described above, I'm not kidding! Your pumpkins can have any colored lines or stem color. :) I just picked up the first colors I could find hehe. But let's get started on this adorable pumpkin nail tutorial!

1. Start off with drawing an orange mound on your nail. (Note: I didn't want a background color but you can have any color behind it. I've seen these with white or black but any color you want works! I just liked having it clear. ;))
2. With the color that are going to be your pumpkin lines, trace it around your entire orange mound. I used that lighter orange.
3. Draw some lines in your pumpkin! I started by drawing from the top of the mound and curving the line to the bottom on the left and right side. Then I drew one final straight line from the middle to the bottom.
4. And finally add your stem! I just used a dark green but brown or black works perfectly too! You can add some squiggly stems or some grass to your pumpkins if you want. :) I chose not to because I'm not very good at creating those things. ;)
And the step-by-step pictorial:
Little orange mounds! :D 
I was just tracing them :) 
These don't really look like pumpkins yet! ;) But just wait! Adding the lines. If I would have traced with a white polish and then added the lines, I think they'd look like orange slices! I should try that sometime! :D 
Finally add the pretty stems!
Mini pumpkins united! <3
Well I hope that you enjoyed this VERY simple pumpkin nail art tutorial for a fall nail art design idea. :) I find these pretty dang cute considering I spent 5 minutes to do them. ;) Maybe too late for Halloween, but these nails are still perfect for another month! Starting December, we are pulling out some winter nails! Yay! So thanks for joining me today and until next time, Your Polish Pal, Jenna :)