Friday, November 16, 2012

Pretty Snowflake Tutorial

"Oh the weather outside is frightful but the fire is so delightful. And since we got no place to go, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!"

Hey everyone! :D I know you're probably reading this and like "WHAT THE HECK?! It's not even Thanksgiving!" Well... I know that some areas in the world (including my area hehe), some snow has fallen. ;) So why not celebrate with some gorgeous snowflake nails?! (Or maybe you should keep these in mind for the holiday seasons coming up. ;) That works too!) I actually just got one of my first Sinful Colors nail polish and decided that I really wanted to try it out. But first, as always, take a look at the nails that we will hopefully be making today. ;) They're very simple and elegant. :) Oh and NO! XD I didn't take a photo with my beloved pumpkin ;) Don't get the joke? Look at my last 2 tutorials; Pumpkin Nails and Ghost Nails!

Here is a photo of that gorgeous dark blue called Midnight Blue by Sinful Colors that I just bought! I’ve heard that places like Rite Aid, CVS, and Walgreens. I bought mine at Walmart for $1.98 :) I know many different brands have similar shades of blue, but I just had to buy this one because it was super cheap and pretty! I’m very happy with the color and I used 3 coats to achieve this look. ;) But let’s continue on with our snowflake tutorial!
You will only need a base color (this will be the background for your snowflakes! You can use ANY color you want ;) I really want to try this again with red or black!), white nail polish or acrylic paint, and something to make thin lines with and dots. I specifically used Midnight Blue by Sinful Colors, white acrylic paint, one of my new striper brushes for the lines, and pencil for the dots. :) If you don’t have a white nail art striper brush or a thin brush, just use a mechanical pencil or a thin pin to create your lines. ;)
Here is our pictorial! And look below for the steps. :)
1.       Start off with your base color. As you can see I used that dark blue and then I added a spectraflair topcoat (made by the beautiful Katherine, click HERE for more details of her polishes) just for a little more PIZZAZ!
2.       Draw one line. (Realize you will have to create 3 more similar lines so don’t draw them too big!)
3.       Draw ANOTHER line, this time intersecting with the first line in the middle.
4.       And draw yet one more long white line. ;) You’ll want to make an “X” with your 2nd and 3rd line and you can see this will be the base of your snowflake.
5.       Now at the ENDS of your smaller lines (see how there are 6?), draw 2 very short lines in opposite directions. In other words, make small “V’s” on the end.
6.       Repeat the technique of making small “V’s” but this time you will make them in the MIDDLE of your small lines. Notice why you should make these “V’s” small because you need to fit 2 of them on each line. ;) This is somewhat confusing to explain, so please look at the pictorial, step 6.
7.       (Optional): Finally add some SMALL dots in the vacant areas if you’d like to represent falling snow. :)
Take a look below to see the process of doing my entire hand. :)
 Hehe my thumb is already done... This is the first time I've ever did snowflake nails. ;) But here is my blue base with some spectraflair!
 First line!
 Second line! See the "X"?
 And 3rd line! It makes kinda like an astrid * shape.. ;)
 Adding some "V's"! Leave that room there!
 I've added the second "V" :) If you want to, you can just leave your snowflakes like this!
Or you can add some small dots in the empty spaces! I really like this :)
My entire hand with the thumb. ;)
 And here is a photo of JUST my thumb :) 
I think that these snowflake nails are PERFECT for the winter season coming up! I'm sorry I don't have more photos of the finished product.. (just of the process :/) I ended up breaking my thumb nail RIGHT after taking these photos. Slammed it in the wall and just decided to file it down. It's not too short but I didn't feel like redoing them all to take more pictures (haha breaking my nails make me sad lol!) Thanks again for joining me for this cute nail art tutorial! I want to try this on top of red next time! And don't be afraid to change this up yourself. ;) I painted 6 "pronged" snowflakes because they were simple but you can add some variety by switching up how many lines the flakes have and the size as well. Don't forget, if you're doing these nails for the holidays, don't forget to add glitter. ;) Just kidding. You don't have to but I enjoy it. ;) Hehe, let me know if you try these! Until next time, Your Polish Pal, Jenna :)

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