Friday, October 26, 2012

I "Ghost-a" Do It!

It's that time of year again -- People are flocking the stores for bags of candy and children are deciding their costumes for that ONE night of the year: Halloween. Imagine, free candy?! Who wouldn't want to pass up that kind of opportunity? Well... I only have ever trick-or-treated twice and it was all for a cause! I did happen to get a lot of candy, which to my surprise, was delightful! But other than the free candy and fun makeup you get to wear on Halloween, I'm not much for it. So please excuse the lack of Halloween nail art tutorials, I never really put much thought into Halloween. Don't fret though! I'll try to do some awesome falls nails instead. ;) Even though it's about... 30 degrees here and snowing... But that's beside the point. ;) So today I have for you some adorable ghost nails! Take a look below and let's get started! :)

I love mini pumpkins -- Just saying. ;)
You will need a black and white nail polish along with a form of dotting tool. :) I used Black Heart and Hard To Get by Sally Hansen and just a wooden pencil.
Here is Black Heart by Sally Hansen. I'm sorry to admit that I haven't used this little bugger for a while and I forgot how wonderfully it applies! This is just ONE coat! It's very black and applies smoothly. :) I've been using Smoke and Ashes by China Glaze too much. :'(
Ghost Nail Art Tutorial:
1. Paint your entire nail black. (Or any background color you desire).
2. Using your white nail polish, draw a large hill onto your nail. It's like your covering the entire nail, but you're going to leave the area near your cuticle your base color. (Does this step 2 look familiar? ;) Penguin nails you say? ;)) 
3. Now draw some black triangles at the bottom of your mound. I just free handed it by dipping my pencil into nail polish, but you can use tape if you really want to. Also, I realized later that the ghosts would be super cute if they had more of a squiggle bottom instead of a sharp zag like mine. But either way, they're still fun!
4. Add some eyes and a mouth to your ghost! Don't hesitate to add some bows or other accessories or body parts like arms. ;) I'm just too lazy and liked mine simple. :)
And here goes my larger pictorial! I haven't done one of these in a LONG time!! :D
My black base
White mounds  and oh! I added "Boo" :) Just because I wanted to. ;)
My little ghostie bottoms :) 
Eyes! And if you just wanted to stop there, you could! 
And taaa-daah! Various facial expressions. ;)
I hope that you enjoyed this really simple Halloween nail art tutorial idea. If I can do it, I'm positive you can as well! These little ghosts are perfect for that spooky night. ;) And if you have glow in the dark polish (*cough cough* Such as Ghoulish Glow by China Glaze), do try this out! That'd be sooooo neat to have them glow in the dark! :D Anyway, let me know if you try this idea out! I'd love to see how you did it. :) Until next time, Your Polish Pal, Jenna :)
(P.S. Just in case no one gets my "wanna-be" pun... It was supposed to be like "I gotta do it" as in Halloween tutorials. *bahahaha corny laughter* ;) Or maybe not. :'( Hehe, well have a great Halloween and BE SAFE if you're going out! :D And bring me lots of candy. Yes. Thanks. ;))
(P.S.S. LAST post script! Did you know you could do Pac-Man nails with the basics of this tutorial? ;) Just turn these little white ghosts into red, yellow, and blue and you're set! Just another idea hehe).

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