Sunday, October 21, 2012

I Heart Spots (& peanut butter)

Hey ladies! Wanna know a secret? ("Promise not to tell? We are standing by a wishing well!" Just kidding. I wish we were, but we're not.) I probably do my nails about three times a week but I only post the nail art that has tutorials to accompany them. But today is going to be a special occasion for a post because 1. I'm not getting many Halloween tutorials out (I've only done candy corn.. :/ I did try the spiderweb like 4 times though. Still practicing myself! I have to recommend Amber's blog because she has fabulous Halloween tutorials out right now! In fact, HERE is her spider web to find here spider web tutorial :) It's very easy, I just don't have any stripers or thin brushes at the moment to do it myself.. :p) 2. Ugh, I get off topic a lot. ;) and 3. This nail art is actually based off one my friend's tutorial! Take a look below to see what I did. :)

The spots are really funky.. I know. ;) 
But what I want you to take a look at is the ADORABLE heart and chevron accent nail! If my nails were long enough, I would have done this on ALL of my nails, but I settled with my longest nail. ;) Isn't this heart though just so cute! And I learned how to do this from a fellow blogger and friend, The Crafty Ninja. :) She has so many great nail art ideas as well and does a lot of easy DIY crafts too! (I just realized I forgot to upload a photo of the cutest buttons she has... Dang it! I'll do that when I have the time to!) But anyway, this particular heart came from her Cross Heart Nails Tutorial. :) Do check it out if your interested in this particular design. I was lazy and just decided to add really weird polka dots. ;) 
And this is what I mean by I love peanut butter. :D This is a peanut butter cookie with a mini Reese's in the center. Delicious. I should have been a food blogger. Pshhhh, yeah right! Whatever. I'd never abandon nail polish for food.... ;) 
Oh! And my thumb and I ate another bite of the cookie to take another photo hehe! I love these nails. :) And if you really need to know this super simple recipe that I made ALL from scratch (minus the Reese candy!), you'll find that recipe HERE. Haha, I'm linking you to all sorts of different things tonight! ;)
And here is one last shot of my beautiful mani :)
So I think that sums up the night. ;) Learn how to make some beautiful heart nails (all you need is tape!) from The Crafty Ninja and make great cookies. I think we're all set. ;) So until next time, Your Polish Pal, Jenna :) <3
(P.S. Do you guys prefer the white watermark or the black? :) Please comment your preferences below! :D)
(P.S.S. And if there are any other tutorials that you know other blogs have and would want me to take a look at and try, I'm up for that challenge. ;))


  1. oh. my. god.
    the girl who made the crafty ninja blog used to be my art teacher! her name is Yea Ri Jo and i know Mrs. Monica (who used to go by the name Mrs. Thorpe when she taught at Dale B. Davis) from this post:
    Miss. Jo was the best art teacher ever! please tell her I said that!

    1. Haha! That is really neat. :) Yeari is so sweet <3 I will definitely past your message on.