Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Penguin Tutorial

Hey guys! Today I have made an adorable penguin tutorial. Yes, it is summer but I think that these little penguins are just too cute too pass up. I mean com'mon, take a look!

Would you like to make these precious penguins with me? If not, I'm sorry. :( I hope later I can please you with another nail tutorial, but if so, YAYYY! Let's start!

You will need:
  • Black, white, yellow, and orange nail polish
  • Dotting tools - thick and skinny
  • Assorted colors (optional)

Okay, as always these are just the colors that I used and the "classical" penguins. Of course you can switch up colors. (I did try pink penguins but then I messed up everything by attepmting "real" eyeballs instead of black dots and that turned out to be a flunk. Hey, I tried!)

1. Start with a solid black base.
2. Now draw a white hill with the white nail polish. A easy trick is to pretend to be repainting your entire nail but stop when your almost to the top. Just make it a mound with the brush!
3. With your skinny dotting tool, place 2 black dots for the eyes near the top of the white hill. Also with your skinny dotting tool, take the yellow and draw a beak underneath the eyes. I just drew a diagonal line and then another one in the opposite direction for a petite beak. Then for the feet I used the thick dotting tool and just dipped it into the orange polish and placed 2 medium dots at the very bottom of the mound.
4. (Optional) If these penguins just aren't good enough for you, add some cute bow ties!! This is where your assorted colors come in. To make a bow tie, use your thin dotting tool and add a dot in the area underneath the beak. Now draw 2 little triangles coming out from the dot or 2 little hearts. It just changes the look of the bow tie, but both are awesome! I actually used both variations.

Okay, clean up, add a top coat, and now you have some pretty penguins on your fingers! Here is the visual tutorial and how I did mine. :)

Black base

Add the white mounds

Add solid black eyes

Add yellow beaks

Add orange feet

(See, the purple tie is made out of hearts while
the red one has triangles).

And finished product ~ On ice. ;) The penguins
were getting too hot! :'( And my fingers
were getting too cold! :O

I hope that you can now sucsessfully create these funky little creatures. :) Until next time! Your Polish Pal, Jenna

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