Monday, July 30, 2012

Galaxy Nail Tutorial

"Twinkle, twinkle little star.
How I wonder what you are.
Up above the world so high.
Like a diamond in the sky.
Twinkle, twinkle little star.
How I wonder what you are!"

A classic nursery rhyme. :) And I still can not get over that this tune utilizes the same tune as the ABC's! It's a strange concept to grasp, isn't it? Anyway! Hello ladies! As you guessed, we are learning how to create some legit looking galaxy nails. Go ahead and take a look below to see what our finished product may look like! This was my first time trying this technique myself, but trust me, it is extremely easy if you have already mastered the sponging technique of the gradient nails and such. Okay, so let us get started!

What you you will need:
  • Black, white, purple, pink, and blue nail polish colors
  • A sponge, such as makeup sponge
  • Scrap paper
  • A small dotting tool (optional)
  • Glitter nail polish (optional)
The colors I used from left to right are Smoke and Ashes, Hard to Get, Prince Street, Greenwich Village, Water Street Blue, Party of Five Glitters, and Spit Fire.

I really just want to put a shining light on how awesome this China Glaze Smoke and Ashes color is; not only is it a nice black polish, but it also has some neat green shimmers in it already. I tried to capture the glitter to the best of my ability, but the camera just wouldn't do. Anyway, I really love this color! In fact, it is one of my first China Glazes that I bought. Love them!

Now, may I introduce to you the Galaxy Nail Tutorial! *polite clapping*

1. Start off with a black base colors.
2. Now let's start put your white color and sponge to use! As always when sponging, place a little nail polish onto the scrap paper and dip your sponge into the polish. Blot the sponge onto the paper a couple times to get rid of the excess polish. So with that sponge with the white nail polish on it, gently sponge a diagonal line onto your nails. Try not to use too much white because it'll be really gunky. That is what the blotting beforehand is for. ;) On your other nails I did different directions of lines and curves so that it adds a little variation.
3. With your other colors, repeat step 2! Yes, you really are just going to sponge over the white color a total of 3 extra times. I used the colors purple, pink, and blue but since these are galaxy nails, you can add any color! Maybe try green, yellow, gold, silver, etc. :)
4. Honestly, this step is totally optional! I originally had these nails for a couple days and JUST added all these extra embellishments yesterday. (I apologize, that is why I did not have a tutorial earlier. I was still testing this one out!) I do really like the end results too. This is how I did it but you can literally just add anything you want: I used really fine glitter and I painted it on the still black part of the nail without any color on it. And with your toothpick, add little, white dots around your galaxy and maybe a few on it. These are suppose to represent stars! On my middle finger I even added a diamond for a different type of star! Finally, I have a chunky glitter polish that I applied to my entire nail. The great thing (and maybe also the downfall) is that with chunky glitter, you only get a few sparkles that end up on your nail. So more sparkly stars that are extremely random! :D YAYYYYY for glitter!!!

Sorry for the different lighting - Like I said,
I added all the embellishments a couple days later!

And here is how my nails looked after every step! :)

Black Base
See my random white lines? ;)
I added the purple right on top!
Added some blue
And here is the pink! You may not tell. Don't worry. I can. xD
Here is the fine glitter!
And the big chunky glitter plus white dots!

Before I added the white dots and chunky glitter. See?
It actually looks really pretty!
But here is with the ALL the embellishments! I love both but
I guess it depends on how busy you like your galaxy nails to be.

And this concludes our galaxy nail tutorial! If you try the out for yourself, I'd love to see how it turned out for you! Email me a picture at or tag me @polishpals on instagram! Until next time, your Polish Pal, Jenna :) <3

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