Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fishy Tutorial

Something smells a little fishy... Yes, something strange. Oh! It must be this fish tutorial that I have created for you today! Look at these lovable little guys! :D Okay, let's get started.

Materials Needed:
  • Blue, white, and black nail polish + 1 or 2 of your favorite colors for the fishies
  • Thick and thin dotting tool
  • Scrap Paper (to place the nail polish on)
These are the materials that I used. From left to right, Water Street Blue, Greenwhich Village,
Gaga for Green, Hard to Get, Black Heart, Strapless, and Twinkle.
1. Start off with a solid blue base. I used a light kind of blue, but the first time I created these, I used a dark blue. So whatever shade you prefer you can use!
2. With your thick dotting tool, dip it into one of your nail polishes that you will use for your fish. I used green and hot pink for my fishies. Make a relatively large dot near the end of your nail. This will be your head but you don't want to make the dot too big! You can always come back later and make it larger. You still have to fit it's tail fin in! :)
3. Now you can start making your fins that are coming out of large circle. Go ahead and make that dot larger because you can tell how much room you want for tail. To make the tail you can just draw 2 small lines or a heart shaped figure for its tail.
4. (Optional) This last step is totally optional because maybe you just like plain fish! But I think that if you add in some eyes and bubbles, it gives the fish a lot more character. So for the eyes make a small white dot on the fish's head and then place a little black dot inside. For the bubbles I just used the thin dotting tool dipped into white nail polish and made them "float upwards".

There you have it! Some adorable fish!

Blue Base (One of my favorite nail polishes!)
Add those dots! Yes, on my thumb I am going to
make 2 fishies! The reason why I mad my dots
facing each other are because I'll make my fish
look at each other. :)
See? I increased my fishes bodies a lot! And here are
the tails! 
Add those eyes  
And finally the bubbles! On my thumb I created
a little heart and some "waves" with the glitter
nail polish. :)
Finished Product!
And a close up off my thumb! :D

I hope this tutorial was easy to follow and that you can create your own lovely fish! Until next time, Your Polish Pal, Jenna :)

Oh by the way -- I neglected to mention this is only my right hand. ;) The beautiful galaxy nails are still on my left. xD And I am right handed.. ;) Ambidextrous powers! :D

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