Saturday, August 25, 2012

"Beary" Easy Bear Nail Tutorial

Hey girls! I realized one of my favorite designs to do on my nails are adorable, little creatures. Okay, I admit that these little guys are super simple but I think they are super cute!  Oh! Did I forget to introduce what we will be making today? ;) Well say hello to the 5 little bears. Hehe, these are one of the simplest creatures I've ever made, but who cares?!?!? I find them one of the cutest. :) So let's get started!
I used Mahogany Magic and Dress Me Up by China Glaze, and Black Heart by Sally Hansen.
You will need:
• Any 2 colors (I used a dark brown and a lighter brown which actually kind of looks like a rose pink) for the bears' face. I suppose you can do any combo you want ;) But I just stayed with the classical brown bears :) And a black polish to create the nose, eyes, and mouth.
•A small dotting tool (or a black striper art brush)

And here's how we do it :)
1. Start off with your base color. I used the Mahogany Magic  for the "body" of my bear.
2. Add a small oval with your 2nd color at the tip of your nail. Or if it's easier, draw a little mound/hill shape. That's what my bears' snouts ended up looking like ;)
3. Once your snout is dry, use your dotting tool or striper brush (haha I just used my hippy mechanical pencil - still forgetting about these doting tools) and make a round, black oval at the top of your mound for the bear's nose. And then draw a thin line in the middle of his nose downward to the tip of your nail again. This is suppose to be it's mouth but you can do a ton of different mouth types haha. You could draw a line and add little curves so that your bear is smiling or just just a smile or whatever you want!
4. Finally, I just added some small, black dots for eye balls! You can make them much more... Complex than mine by filling it in with white and then ANOTHER black dot or try some funky sunglasses on your bear. ;) I just didn't feel like adding anything because that's where YOUR imagination and creativity comes in! ;) (Or maybe I was just extremely lazy... Shhh ;))

My base color

Add those little mound things! :D

There's a nose!

Some simple lines for a mouth :)

And ahhh!! The eyes!

Ta daaah!
I hope you enjoyed learning how to make VERY SIMPLE (like most of my nails haha!!) bear nails tutorial. There is so much you can add to these little fellas of course! I can think of ears, hair bows, glasses, mustaches, "hair", and the possibilities are endless! Until next time, Your Polish Pal, Jenna :)

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