Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tape Manicure Tutorial #1

Okay, first of all -- Today's tutorial will be a geometric tape tutorial. It is VERY simple and requires little effort. I really don't know what to call it and since there are many other "tape manis" tutorials that I will create, I will just call this Tape Manicure #1! ;) Curious about what ours will look like? Look below! :)
These ones that I have created have 3 sections of different colors. All of them have different color combos so that you get the sense you can use ANY colors you want! Personally, when I do these again I will probably do all 5 nails only 1 combo. But whatever you like best! So let's get this started! :)

You will need:
  • Tape (I just used plain, old Scotch tape)
  • Scissors
  • And ANY colored nail polish! (Minimum of 2 -- You could do the middle 1 color and the 2 ends the same color but I prefer combos of 3 :) )
So for this tape mani, you will need triangular tape! And all you do is cut a piece of tape at one corner and end at opposite corner. Like so!

Taa-daah! Now you have 2 triangles, only need to
do cut tape 4 more times and you have triangles
for all 10 fingers! :) (2x5=10 ya feeling it? ;)) 

Let's start this easy tutorial! :)

1. Choose your colors - I used a silver, white, and black. Now paint your nail the base color and this will be your middle triangle.
2. Place your triangle tape diagonally across your nail when your polish is DRY. Be very patient. Maybe wait a day to apply the tape because you don't want to destroy your nails when peeling off the tape. :'( Oh! And since this is totally versatile, you can do this ANY way you want! I'm just explaining my procedure hehe. Make sure you really press the tape down so that nothing will get underneath when you paint over them.
3. See how the tape is cover one section of your nail and there should be 2 other non-covered areas. In those 2 areas, go ahead and paint them in. I used black on top and white on the bottom. Go ahead and get polish on that tape! It's there to block off the silver and hopefully won't let any other colors get on there!
4. Now slowly peel off the tape. And there you go! GORGEOUS tape mani! :) See, it's extremely simple and the lines are guaranteed to be straight and crisp. :) 


Oh, and naaaah, I won't list off all the nail polishes I used. Have a specific question on a color? Comment below! This is about a quarter of my nail polish colors haha. ;)  3 different colors per nail? 5 nails? Yup, 15 nail polish bottles right here. xD

And this is my step-by-step procedure! I don't recommend doing all your nails at the same time for this mani. I only did it for picture purposes haha. ;) It's much easier just doing 1 at a time!  
My starting colors :) LOVE that silver by Sally Hansen 
Put the tape on and like I mentioned above, don't do them all at the same time! 
Painted the bottom sections the darker colors
Painted the top section the lighter colors 
Peeled off the tape and SURPRISE! 
A lovely tape manicure :) 

Hopefully you've enjoyed this tape mani tutorial #1 and try it sometime soon! It's quite cute and can use any colors and of course you can flip the tape any way as well. Try it out and show me ;) I dare ya! Haha, until next time, Your Polish Pal, Jenna :]

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