Saturday, November 10, 2012

Tribal Nails & Just A Bit of Thanks

This is going to be a lengthy post and I apologize before hand. If you're just interested in the nails, please look below. xD But if you want to read a little story of one of the nicest things that happened to me, continue to read this long post. Here is a picture of the nails. ;)

I'm going to try to keep this brief because many of you honestly don't care too much. ;) So basically on Instagram I posted a picture of my nail art tools. The amateur photo contained 5 blue dotting tools and a couple mangy brushes. You all know that I just use my nifty mechanical pencil dipped in nail polish for my "#1 nail art tool". One woman, @lacerz (Lacey) commented on my photo that she'd like to send me some nail art brushes. My initial reaction was "What the heck?" I was in shock that someone would be willing to send me brushes and I wasn't sure how I would repay her. She said that I could email her my address and with an offer like that, I couldn't pass it up! While emailing her an extensive email questioning what I could do to pay her back and mentioning that she was really sweet for offering, I felt horrible. I didn't want her to buy brushes because it was going to be like "nail art charity" and I should have just bought the right brushes the first time around. (I bought silly crafting brushes a month ago... they are too big for nail art). She replied to my email quickly though and reassured me that it was a gift that she felt that I should have and sent me a picture of her purchase. Lacey had just gone onto eBay, bought me brushes, payed for them, and changed the mailing address to mine before I could even mention sending her some money.

I look at eBay now with scorn seeing that "nail art brushes" can be very cheap and I should have just bought them myself. But I didn't. Instead, a total stranger (but a friend from the local nail polish blogging world *cough cough* Instagram) bought them JUST for me. Most of us have had many presents in our life; new electronics, toys, beauty supplies (the fantastic nail polish), or other gifts that we honestly don't need to live, but I can't think of one gift SO simple that has made such an impact on my life.

Three brushes. Three tiny and thin brushes. On the right is the striper brush that I cleanned off to use as my nail art brush. And on the right is the gift thatI recieved from Lacey. You can see that they were designed just for nails, one of my favorite things.

Thank you so much Lacey for sending these to me! You said that you were surprised that I have never had brushes before and I am forever in your debt. I love them so much and they work perfectly! I defiantly will think of you while I continue this path of art on my nails. ;)

Haha her favorite style of nail art is tribal nails. ;) Here is my attempt of tribal. xD I'm so bad at it. But apparently Lacey loves it because she says "who knew such simple lines, patterns, and colors could create such and intricate and gorgeous mani"? I hope this looks okay. xD
 I used an un-named blue nail polish by Maurice's, Sugar Coat by Wet n'Wild, and white acrylic paint for this design. And OF COURSE the brushes!
I am very proud of the design. I love my straight lines. ;)
My favorite is the middle finger. ;) What's yours?
And finally, I thin that I have improved A LOT, huh? This is my improvement in nail art in JUST 4 months! A lot of people ask me how to get better at nail art? Well... Nice tools are great but honestly it just takes time and practice. Yes, before blogging I ALWAYS did both hands. Right now I just practice my art in my right hand. ;) (I'm right handed haha) And I used to bite my nails... But just look at this at this improvement!

Thank you for EVERYTHING Lacey. Do you see this change up there? You are one of the reasons why I have been able to get better. Everyone, you need to check her out:
Instagram: @lacerz
Twitter: @LACERZ
Pinterest: @LAC3Y
Youtube: LaceAndLacquers
Thanks again girl! You're amazing. <3 Your Polish Pal, Jenna :)