Sunday, September 1, 2013

Strapless by Pure Ice

It's time for Sunday Swatch again! Yikes, time flies so fast when you're busy... I haven't actually had time to swatch polishes and to be honest, I think I'll keep my neon chevron design on from yesterday on for the entire week because I'm in looooove. ;) So I have for you today this super gorgeous blue glitter polish by Pure Ice called Strapless that yes, I swatched a couple weeks ago. ;)

And I actually have 2 coats of Listening to Blue Reed by Wet n' Wild as an undie! Strapless is just the glitter!
AHHHH! I swear this is going to be the last old swatch. I will swatch for next week! I just have so many extra pictures of pretty polishes that I think they're going to waste if I don't post them. xD But all these old Sunday Swatches of my old nails make me really sad. :( I'll try to keep them long after Decemeber but you know it's tennis season starting February so I can't make any promises... ;)
And here is the bottle shot of Strapless by Pure Ice! It's perfect with this blue undie! Thanks for checking out this week's Sunday Swatch. :) Next week I'll be sure to use my actual nail length. xD
Your Polish Pal,

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