Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ninja Nails! Hi-Ya! (& Tutorial)

Hello lovelies! :D Today I have for you some legit NINJA NAILS! That's right. Read it again. Ninja. Nail. Art. ;) Best thing is... I also have a mini tutorial for these lil' guys! So take a look below to see if you love these fellas (why wouldn't you love ninja nail art though...? Are you insane or something??? JUST KIDDING. ;) But seriously, take a look at these cuties!!)
Ninja, ninja, ninja nails! <3
Whoot! I'm sooooo glad that you decided to read more to learn how to make these fabulous nails! All you need is tape, scissors, black nail polish (or any color actually that you want their outfits to be, pink for example!), a skin color polish (you can choice any shade, really, I just thought that a lighter color would be easier to see the eyes and process with! You can use a light pink like me or nude, tan, or brown color), and extra colors if you want to make them little headbands. ;)
1. Start off with your base coat. This will be your skin color! I chose Hard Core Party by Sally Hansen. Allow this to dry COMPLETELY as always with a tape mani.
2. When your polish is TOTALLY dry (I mean, I had this pretty pink on for a day without any design on it hehe), cut a piece of tape about that thick (refer above). I just used clear scotch tape. If you have an issue with your tape pulling off your nail polish, make sure you polish is totally wet AND put the piece of tape onto your palm or some other part of your skin to get the natural oils off. This will keep it sticky but less tacky so hopefully it won't pull of the polish. :) Note that this tape is what your "face" will be. :) So it has to be wide but not too wide! Now put the tape on the pink if you haven't done so!
3. Making sure that your tape is completely sealed and isn't exposing anything you don't want it to, paint black over your nail. (Or the color of your ninja outfit). It's okay to go over the tape because it should be covered. :) I used Black Heart by Sally Hansen.
4. When the polish is still wet, slowly peel off the tape and this is how your nail should look like!
5. Add some ninja eyes! Any eye shape works by the way. I just did some easy eyebrows and a dot for an eye but look at all my nails to see how the rest have varied eyes. :)
6. Finally give this guy (or gal!) a little headband to complete that ninja look! :) (This green is actually acrylic paint! Sorry guys!) And you're done!
Wasn't that super easy for a super cute turn out?! Look below for some more cute shots!
I love this shot! I just didn't know where to put my watermark... :/ But hey guys, I just got a new light bulb... ;) Can you tell? Do you like the picture quality?! Mooohahaha! I know I do! :D 
Hehe my eyes are all random :) Go ahead and do ANY eyes for your ninjas! I made the little pink one in honor of one of my blogging friends, The Crafty Ninja. Be sure to check out her blog! :) She has a lot of nail art tutorials (and now on YouTube too!) and of course crafts and fashion. :)  
I made sure they all had different colored headbands too. ;) Which one is your favorite? I can't really decide.. I love them ALL. :O Oh and here's a fact: I free-handed these guys... Sorry... I didn't use the tape because I was too lazy. :/ How I ended up doing the rest of my hand was painting my nails black, painting a thick, white stripe by hand and coloring it with Hard Core Party. AND THEN I just did the eyes and headbands. I know.. :( You're ashamed of me. I'm so sorry that I'm lazy and take shortcuts for the rest of my nails. :/ But they didn't turn out too bad, did they?! Considering I just drew them on lol. ;)

Yup. Do I need to explain? This is the 2nd time I did ninja nails! The first time was waaaay back in April. I did not clean up well, my lighting was weird, and my hand posing was obviously not in practice. It's amazing how much I've improved!!
And finally, here's a quick picture of my hair! Hahahaha, I'm so sorry for the irrelevant photo (Jenna... You're POLISH PALS, not HAIR PALS....) but I just wanted to share since I find this braid bun so intriguing! I love it! I did it myself in 5 minutes hehe. :) I'm NOT good at making hair tutorials though so don't worry about me turning to hair anytime soon! I just love playing with it myself. :)
Anyway guys, this turned out to be a super long post. xD Oh well, hopefully you guys enjoyed this ninja nail art tutorial and will try out these simple nails for your next mani! Until next time, Your Polish Pal, Jenna :)

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  1. Woooow awesome! I'm definately gonna do this, thanks for the idea!