Sunday, January 27, 2013

I Love Moo!

Hehe.. I love moo! Oh how cheesy but perfect for this upcoming holiday. ;) And what animal says "moo"? That's right, a cow! So today I have for you this cow manicure I made. I've wanted to do cow spots for FOREVER, especially since my last Giraffe Nails (a month ago today actually when I was wigging out and couldn't decide whether to do black or white backgrounds haha.. I think you've probably figured out that I decided on black ;)). I even have for you a tutorial on how to make yourself a little cow on your nail, so keep reading! :)
I'm sorry I couldn't find the exact source from where I got the inspiration for doing the "Moo" on my thumb.. I saw it on Pinterest but because it didn't have a watermark (or link to original artist), it's safer just to not credit anyone for the inspiration. :/ Sorry original maker! I tried to google it too but it just was stolen so much that I couldn't find you.. :O Anyway. Keep reading for a cow nail art tutorial lol!

Okay, prepared to be amazing with this super simple tutorial. ;) Don't worry, it's like super easy. :D Mooooohahaha! (Hehe.. get it? "Moo"haha? Oh jeez.. Let's just get this mini tutorial started!)
1. Start off with a white base. I used French White Cream by Wet n Wild. (Once again NEVER use that white polish when you can get Snow Me White by Sinful Colors :p So much better. And also, your cow doesn't HAVE to be white with black spots. It can be a light brown with white spots or any other color combo you want. Hehe.. purple with blue spots. ;) But I'm just doing the classic dairy cow!)
2. Draw a pink little mound for the snout. Just think of it like an oval. It can easily be done with a nail polish brush but I had to use acrylic paint because this pink was just TOO perfect for the snout! (I only have like 5 pinks hehe ;)).
3. Now make some random black splotches on the face. Don't make them too big because you want to leave room for the eyes! I used black acrylic paint but dipping a mechanical pencil in nail polish (or toothpick, whatever you use) works well too!
4. Add 2 round dots on the pink snout to finish off the nose.
5. And finally draw 2 little ovals or dots for the eyes!
And you're done! You have some cow nails! Too cute, huh? ;) And here is another picture spam of mine. :)
You can make cow faces on all of your nails OR just have a cow face as an accent nail like I did and make some cow spots or other animal faces if you'd like! :)
But guys, I really, really love moo! Oh jeez.. I have an issue with these lame puns. ;) My sister actually came up with those ones xD She gave me the idea to make cows again but make it have hearts in it's eyes and make it say "I love moo" or "I moo you". >.< Dang. Didn't know until AFTER I was done. But who knew cows could make adorable Valentine's Day Nails too? ;)
Haha last picture! I felt so bad taking these guys off but I have to continue making Valentine's Day nails ;) Say goodbye dude! "Mooooooo!" Lame cow, lame. I've been saying that ALL night. You couldn't have thought of ANYTHING more original? xD
Thanks for joining me tonight with my cow print nails and that mini tutorial! It's time for school again. :) Until next time, Your Polish Pal, Jenna :)

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  1. You have such super fun manicures :D This one is especially cute. I'll have to do a moo-nicure some day :P