Thursday, December 27, 2012

Spots & Splotches

Hello my friends! Ah! Christmas is finally over and the new year is arriving rapidly! How was your holiday though? :) Mine was pretty swell. ;) We received A LOT of snow so for me, it was a white Christmas! I was also able to spend it with my family and ate lots of yummy food and treats, so yes, it was wonderful. :) Today I have for you giraffe print nails! Haha, seems a little different, huh? Well, let's see how they turned out!
I don't know about you, but I ADORE this animal print!

Did you guys noticed something different too? Hmm? Hmm?!? Well, if you're a frequent viewer of my nails, I decided to use a black background for this mani just for fun! Do you guys like it? I've had mixed reviews (GREAT FEEDBACK! I love it!) but I myself love it for this manicure! I'll have to experiment with different colors but PLEASE let me know your thoughts on the black background. :) Hehe look at my inspiration for these nails. ;)
Isn't this necklace just darling?! Yes, it was a Christmas present. ;) I've been looking at it for FOREVER. I saw it off of Pinterest haha! (Go figure.. that site is DEADLY). It's a Fossil necklace and I love it. :) It's so pretty!
The yellow base is Almost Famous by Color Club and then the brown splotches are made with brown acrylic paint. :) Hehe some of the spots are kinda circular while the others are "geometric" and have corners. xD
So what do you think about the black background? It defiantly adds a more dramatic look!
<3 Love, love, love these giraffe nails! I know that when you think of "animal print" your first thoughts are zebra, cheetah, tiger, etc. but giraffe print is pretty classic! I don't have a tutorial on these nails because it's honestly just free handing the splotches... I looked at some pictures of giraffes for a while but then decided to just draw random blobs of brown and it worked! (I had to practice on paper though first :))
Now please help me lol!! Look at the photos below:
So of course there are some pros and cons in using a white background or a black... I'm just stuck in between! I would LOVE to keep the background consistent for the most part too; at the moment, it seems like white is the background for the majority of my pictures, but what do you think??
White Background:
Pros = It works with ANY mani, doesn't seem to change the skin tone, and works with artificial light.
Cons = Doesn't "bring" out the colors and is hard to control shadows.
Black Background:
Pros = It makes the manicure more dramatic looking and is easier to photograph because of the shadows.
Cons = In artificial light, it makes my skin tone super yellow, (I may be able to edit that in photoshop to an extent) and may only work with neons and light colors (haven't tried dark nail polish yet though).
Many people have said that I should match the color of the background with the mani, but I really don't want to be switching colors.. I'd love to have ONE color as my background. I suppose I could try a grey or a brown background, but I do like how the black is just BLACK. No shadows in the background to deal with. Hmm.. I'm so stumped! Your thoughts would be GREATLY appreciated! Please leave a comment below! Thank you so much for joining me today and I hope you enjoyed the giraffe print nails :) Until next time, Your Polish Pal, Jenna :)

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