Saturday, December 29, 2012

In the Stars

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Let me lose into the stars, please! Actually, please don't... I don't have my space suit or rocket ship ready! But if I did... I probably would LOVE to go into space. It would be the coolest thing to go OUTSIDE our own atmosphere into the galaxies in my opinion! But because I don't have millions of dollars or plan to go into astronomy, I'll have to settle with some galaxy nails. :) I actually already have a tutorial for Galaxy Nail Art Tutorial so you can find that in the tutorial tab OR just click HERE. :) I haven't done these since July! I probably should have tried a different color combo but I love the purple, blue, and pink! (Not brave enough to try yellow and green yet!!) So go ahead and look below for picture spam!!

For my base, I used this gorgous dark purple polish called Meidorite by Max Factor. In real life, it also has some beautiful blue and silver shimmer but my camera couldn't capture it. :p Sorry about that! It is a really pretty mettalic purple though!
This time I didn't leave as much black. I tried to do Galaxy Drip Nails but DON'T LOOK FOR THEM... :/ I failed. EPICALLY. I will have to try again. *sigh* But these are pretty cool-ish haha!
So my base is Mediorite by Max Factor and I just sponged on Sinful Colors Snow Me White (white), then Color Club Chelsea Girl (dark blue), Color Club Poptastic (hot pink), and Sally Hansen Nail'd It (light purple). Then I added some glitter, Wet n Wild Party of 5 Glitters and painted some stars with white acrlyic paint. :)
Thanks guys for joining me today with my galaxy nails! I just figured out what blog lovin' is so follow me on there! :) Until next time, Your Polish Pal, Jenna :)

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