Friday, December 14, 2012

Basic Christmas Tree Tutorial

Hey everyone! I FINALLY have a tutorial for you. ;) Today we are going to hopefully learn how to make some very BASIC Christmas tree nails! These are SO easy that I think that anyone can do them! The great thing about these is that you can also add virtually anything to these trees to make them even cuter. So take a look below and let's get started! :)

 You are going to need scotch tape (or any kind of tape really, we are just going to make a triangle shape), any base color, green polish for your tree, and just extra nail polish colors if you want to add decorations!
This is my base color. A very gorgeous light blue made by Maurices. I wouldn't really commend buying this polish though because it dries weird and just isn't "quality" nail polish (considering that it comes from a clothing store haha!) but I received it as a gift and I really do love this color. But the brand itself... I'd stay away from! (And I'm sorry! It doesn't have a name!!) Let's get started!
1. Start off with your base color. I recommend using a light color so that you tree stands out! So like a white or any pastel. ;)
2. Add a piece of tape that goes diagonally across your nail, starting at the center and going to the opposite end. Please refer to step #2 in the photo since it's hard to explain in words.
3. Repeat #2 but add another piece of tape going in the opposite direction. See how it makes a triangle? This will be your tree!
4. Paint this triangle green! I used Gaga for Green by China Glaze. Don't worry about making a mess, that's what your tape is for! Just make sure it's seal tight so that the green polish won't go underneath.
5. Remove tape! See?!?!?!?! Perfect Christmas tree!!!
6. Add decorations! I just added a super simple yellow dot for a star (I was too lazy to draw one hehe) and added some fun glitter called Christmahanakwanzika by Different Dimension..
Now, here is what I've been really excited to show you all... If you regularly view my blog posts, you know that I often show how all my fingers look with tutorials.. So instead of using separate photos, I have edited them and post them into ONE big post. I am hoping that this will allow more people to Pin this on Pinterest. :) So please, if you like it or think others would, pin away!
Yay! Isn't that super cool? :) Anyway, look below for more photos!
Haha my Christmas tree lighting is horrible.
But aren't these super easy? You can add ANYTHING to these trees too. :) Candy canes, small dots for decorations, tinsel! The possibilities are endless! I love Christmahanakwanzika  by Different Dimension. This glitter is so unique! It has large green, blue, red, and gold hexagonal glitter with smaller and finer green and red glitter. Please check it out at Different Dimension's Etsy Shop HERE.
Thank you for reading! Until nest time, Your Polish Pal, Jenna :)

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