Friday, December 7, 2012

Wrap it up!

Ah, it's holiday time again... Where are those bows, tape, and wrapping paper when you need it? Don't forget about those dang scissors. GRR. Well, instead of getting my wrapping paper out, I got some Saran Wrap out and created some saran wrap nails just 'cuz. ;) I love the effect of having 2 colors at the SAME time on the same mani!

I was actually inspired by Robin eggs and decided to use these 2 colors. The blue is Blue Ming by Color Club and the gold is Jaguar by Pure Ice.

Haha! I was trying to channel some "artistic" ways to display my nails.. Still working on it. ;)
I love Saran Wrap nails! They're SO easy to make and are very subtle for backgrounds for other nail art. :) All you need is saran wrap (or any type of plastic like a grocery bag or even tin foil can work) and 2 different nail polish colors.

Basically you just paint your nails a base coat and let it dry. I used Blue Ming. Then you bunch up that plastic into just a little ball and paint your nails a second coat of a different color, which was Jaguar for me. Then with with bunched up plastic, just dab your nails when they're STILL WET!! It'll create a "mess up" effect, but I personally really like it. ;) Should I create a tutorial for them? (I did originally have a tutorial for these but then decided the colors weren't obvious enough in my pictures. :p Silly me!)

Back to holiday wrapping, are you ready for this hectic season? ;) Already got the tree and decorations up, so let is snow! Actually... I can personally wait for the snow. We aren't very good friends... (I get a lot of snow here haha! So let it rain instead! I love the rain ;)). Until next time, Your Polish Pal, Jenna

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