Thursday, December 20, 2012

Present Nails Tutorial

 AHHHHH! I finally finished a tutorial for these gift wrapped nails! A lot of ladies on Instagram  asked me how I did the last present nails I did, but they were more Chrismas themed. :) I decided this time to make a tutorial, but to use different colors to show that these nails are adorable for ANY time of the year! So go ahead and take a look below at these adorable gift wrapped nails and if you're interested, keep reading for the tutorial! :D

I used Hard-Core Party by Sally Hansen as the base coat and then topped it off with Make a Spectacle by China Glaze. Beautiful combo! The only other thing I used was a black striper brush and acrylic paint. You can use anything you want to make your lines though and ANY color. That's the great thing about these present nails! Change up the color and they're perfect for Christmas, birthdays, and any other holidays or celebrations when you need some cute and easy nails! I think these are especially cute for short nails. ;) So let's get started! It's not that hard! You only really need a tool or brush to make some straight and curved lines. :) (I am changing the way I do tutorials now compared to the way I used to... I hope you don't mind... You'll notice it if you keep reading!)
1. Start off with your base color to be the color of your present. I chose a light pink :) You can also "decorate" your wrapping paper with dots, stripes, or designs if you want. I just added some glitter because that's always the easy way out. ;) If you notice on my Christmas Gift Nails, I had some polka dots and such underneath. :) But I like plain presents too!
2. Add some lines to make a cross! This is the basis of your present. I just painted a line going up and down. And then I added a line going across my nail. :) Practice makes perfect! Don't worry if they're not straight. Mine aren't exactly perfect, but the bow will make it adorable. ;)
3. Make 2 little curves for your bow! It's hard to explain how to draw them.. but think of curved "C's". You can stop here if you like it like this!
4. But I continued and added 2 little lines coming out of the curves to finish my bow! So cute! And you are done!
*EDITED -- 3/14/13* Here is just the "long" tutorial condensed in a smaller square because I decided to post this on Instagram. xD ;)
Isn't this nail art idea for Christmas a super easy and cute idea?!? I love it and the color possibilites are ENDLESS. (I tried pastel presents and blue presents before deciding that these pink ones were "good enough" to make a tutorial lol... I'm kinda picky!) So go ahead and check out how my entire hand turned out. :)
And here is my FULL present nail tutorial! I really like the pictures being all in one! What do you guys think? Should they be seperate or do you like them in one big photo too? I just thought it'd be easier to pin and such. :)

Thank you for joining me today for these gift wrapped nails! Until next time, Your Polish Pal, Jenna :)

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